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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

I've never gone on many dates so I'd like to try anything! I'm easy to please do something simple like going somewhere to eat or to the movies. I wouldn't describe myself as adventurous, but some of my favourite future date ideas would be nature hikes, going to the zoo/aquarium, and trail horeseback riding.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Chicago, Illinois, USA

My first ideal would be something simple as lunch or dinner maybe even breakfast nothing fancy just something simple and low key where we can get to know each other .I don't want to eat anywhere that's expensive for the first date . I love if we could just meet up and have coffee to. I love Starbucks.
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Redruth, Cornwall, GBR

Something relaxed with no pressure. Where there is time to really get to know the person. An opportunity to look nice but not be over the top. Lunch gives the chance to make the date longer without getting too close to bedtime....
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Perth, Western Australia, AUS

•My ideal first date or meet up would be out to lunch as I'd love to just sit there and talk for a while in order to get to know more about the person I'm seeing and enjoy their company before moving onto whatever 'activity' we decide next x
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | South Bend, Indiana, USA

Going out to eat and having a good time, let's get to know each other and our wants and needs! I'm definitely a foodie and not very picky so we can go wherever you'd like, I love pasta and a good sweet tea.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | at a park (?), New York, New York, USA

A picnic where we bring our favorite food/snacks and trade/share with each other. It will be a fun way to get to know what each likes to their own. Even to a gallery or museum would be something that would be fun.
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, USA

First date ideally would be lunch, dinner, coffee or maybe a drink out. Firstly, the priority would be to ensure we click and not waste time. After that, I am really open to anything-I love new experiences of all sorts anc would like to try some new restaurants in the future.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Commerce, Texas, USA

The key to my heart is food. Any kind of food, really. I like fast food, restaurants and cafes. I like trying new places and food because I am NOT a picky eater. I really really really love sushi and not so normal foods.
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | outdoor dates in the late evenings., Sacramento, California,...

An ideal date for me would have to be something that's get my adrenaline going,I'm excited to try things I haven't tried yet,Al while being very simple keeping it simple but exciting is a must,followed but something calming. Surprise ME✨
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | local, Hessle, East Riding of Yorkshire, GBR

I love to dine out and try new places in and around my local city . I minded to travel outbound and try new cuisines. My favourite food is tapas . Italian I have a love for all Indian cuisine.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, USA

a nice lunch or dinner, nothing casual i'd like to get dressed up! an afternoon/night with great conversation getting to know you, your background, your hobbies and anything else you'd feel necessary for me to know!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Chicago, Paris, FRA

An ideal date for me would have to include food and an activity. I would say lunch at a nice restaurant. After that we would go do a fun activity. Maybe horse back riding, an escape room or the arcade!
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Dover, Delaware, USA

Lunch and a conversation so we can get to know eachother. It could be a small restaurant, I personally don't mind the type. As long as I get a genuine conversation and food (food is the way to my heart) I am okay❤️
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47, Female / Sugar Baby | Surrey, British Columbia, CAN

If you can get me into a restaurant with gluten free menu options without a vax passport, that is ideal. Otherwise, I guess we could go bowling? Show me the power you have. I enjoy being around powerful people who are also kind and have integrity. ;)
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37, Male / Sugar Daddy | Portland, Oregon, USA

We would meet on the weekend for brunch or lunch at a restaurant. Tell our stories, ask our questions, share our goals, and define our boundaries as we get to know each other. Then go to a gallery, museum, or park. Continue our conversations and deepen our insight. Time permitting, dinner, drinks, drag shows, dessert, I'm sure we both know it'll depend on it goes.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, Texas, USA

Having a nice lunch to enjoy enough time with the a person and seeing if we can continue onto dinner or somewhere fun and entertaining 💖 Starting off with drinks is never a bad thing either lol as long as we are both having fun 🤩
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Oakville, Ontario, CAN

Get conversation going at a nice lunch date. maybe even have a drink or two. if you like me enough, we're going shopping afterwards daddy!! show me a good time, show me why i should want you to be my sugar daddy. xx
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Steinbach area, but i can drive :), Woodridge, Manitoba, CAN

I have my own car, can always meet somewhere. Would love some take out, a bottle of wine and getting to know one another. I enjoy trying new foods. I love sushi and many oriental dishes. Would love to try indian food tbh, but living im the bonnies most of my life the opportunities have been slim lol
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Smyrna, Georgia, USA

My ideal first date would start with a lunch or dinner that way we can break the ice and get to know one another. After that I'd pretty much want to do something adventurous like go karting or skating or even hiking. I'm open to trying new things as well
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35, Female / Sugar Baby | Berwyn, Illinois, USA

Maybe meet up at a place for lunch, and get to know one another first and we see from there! Please no fast slick guys please, just wanna get to know you first and see from there if we have things in common.

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