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22, Female / Sugar Baby | TBD, Miami, Florida, USA

Take me to a pet shop! I love dogs with a passion and birds! I'll take home a snake and you'd probably break up with me...but he's just too cute! I have a whole swat team of dogs... Three solid black german shepherds 😉
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Greenfield, California, USA

A cute little time volunteering at a shelter for animals would be fun. Animals melt my heart and make me happy. I hate to know that they have been abandoned and left alone and I feel happy getting to spend some time with them.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Tampa, Florida, USA

Just a walk in the park or breakfast at a dinner. Something where we can just talk and get to know eachother. I love a deep connection specially if we can laugh together. I love to laugh and have a smile on my face.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Aquarium or zoo related anything! I'm a child at heart and love learning about and seeing animals. Reptiles are my preferred exotic but any and all animals are fascinating. I work with animals daily so getting to see some out of my normal rotation is always a joy
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Orange, California, USA

Taking my dogs to a pet store and spoiling them ☺ I have a little chihuahua that is under my arm everywhere i go ♡ so you HAVE to be a dog person. I am a witch so he will tell me if you have ill intentions.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Cedar Hill, Texas, USA

If you have animals let's go for a walk with them, it's private and we can talk more about what the two of us enjoy. I'm all for animals and love them more than you will ever know. Plus they have the best judgment, who knows what you want better than your fur baby.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Campbelltown, New South Wales, AUS

Going somewhere with animals or views, I love the zoo and going on walks on the beach, anywhere I can relax and not have to worry about life too much is the best x Also love dinner dates and picnics at the park
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | dog park/anywhere, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

i think a good first date is going to a dog park. i have dogs so it would be good for them to get out and I think it would be fun! It's an inviting environment and we can go get pup cups (coffee). This is if you have a dog. If you don't, I'm down for almost anything!
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

We would go to an animal shelter and look at the dogs and cats. Dogs first tho. I would want to pet everyone and then complain about how there is too many animals in this shelter and I will say I wish I could just adopt them all. Then we would go to dinner and I would apologize for complaining about all the dogs in the shelter.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Chicago Heights, Illinois, USA

I absolutely LOVE animals, (EXCEPT reptiles and insects, big no no lol 🙅🏽‍♀️) anything to do with animals is a HUGE win for me. Nothing better than a third cute face to add to our own. We don't have to take everything home but bonding over a pet is ideal. 😍😍🥰
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Like a dinner or lunch date at a good restaurant and visit cafe or sunset to get to know each other better or like a pet park or animal shelter An italian or French restaurant to see if we both have our manners and also to see if we like pets and just get some sense of who we are
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18, Male / Sugar Daddy | my house you have to come to me, Arlington, Texas, USA

cuddles and aggressive handholding
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Torrance, California, USA

I like cat cafes since I have just recently came back from Korea. So going to one would bring back good memories from my trip there. After going there an aquarium date would be nice ending with dinner at a fancy restaurant.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, USA

ANYTHING OUTDOORS AND ANIMALS❤️❤️ Animals are a big part of my life. So the way to my heart is anything with animals. Including pet stores simple dates are the best in my opinion. The more relax the better.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Sacramento, California, USA

I would have to say my ideal first date would be something along the lines of having someone go with me to get a puppy! The type of animal someone chooses says a lot about them to me personally... and it could be a fun experience for both people involved!
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38, Male / Sugar Daddy | I don't think that I spoil my dog enough being that I'm very...

Let's grab a drink from Starbucks and find a nice place to let the dog(s) explore and we can relax and just talk about meaningless things for a while. If we hit it off and enjoy one another's company enough, we can talk logistics.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Norcross, Georgia, USA

Anything that means we get to meet in a public place to meet first and see if we click. Definitely looking for a friend and companion. I am kind of crazy and I want to have someone older relax me. I love older guys and I'd really like to have someone meet me :)
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Athens, Ohio, USA

My ideal date would be going to pet land or the zoo then going to get lunch or dinner. My love for animals would make this a perfect date for me! To be able to share the love for animals with someone would be amazing!
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

Going to an aquarium, or ranch. I am a huge animal and sea creature lover. My favorite ranch would have to be the Lazy 5 Ranch. Horse Back riding is on my to do list one day. Hopefully it will happen soon!
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Newstead, Queensland, AUS

You take me to buy a puppy and/or a new return I drive said puppy and you around in new car. Everybody wins. Look after me, I look after you...................................................

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