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38, Male / Sugar Daddy | 1940 countryside drive, Benson, Minnesota, USA

chill at that crib cook,watch movies,sip,and get to knw each other come get some of this down south cooking
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33, Male / Sugar Daddy | We'll plan together, Los Angeles, California, USA

Meeting and planning to go and do something fun
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, California, USA

I love golfing! It's such a relaxing sport. Then afterwards we could go dine at a fancy restaurant and order some famous steak with wine and then of course afterwards go shopping because who doesn't like shopping ?
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Wichita Falls, Texas, USA

My idea of a first date is to go do something fun and active to break the ice, or get dressed up for a romantic dinner just to talk. I want to trust I will feel comfortable around you. First impressions are important.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Idk something like Dave and Busters, East Elmhurst, New York...

A game night would be awesome, a drink or two, and just enjoy the moment. I don't go out much so idk about dates, movies are also nice no horrors tho 😅, I really down for anything fun. Games, dinner, movie, painting, something nice.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Accord, New York, USA

My ideal date would be all day long oh my goodness it would be so fun so in the morning we would get breakfast now I'm at Southern Belle also a good breakfast for me would be grits shrimp fried with some biscuits or croissants and spinach with tomatoes oh my goodness sounds so good and then after breakfast I trip to the nail salon I love a man with clean nails wow amazing I love a man who cares strongly for his personal hygiene after the nail salon and we're both taken care of feeling good looking good lunch lunch small but satisfying before we get to the real fun which could be bowling go into an arcade going dancing a Zumba class would be fun I would love to go bungee jumping in amusement park IAM such a big kid I love amusement parks I love to laugh and run around being positive enjoying my company and being active. After all that fun dinner I love the thought of a picnic dinner or a beach dinner if it's cold inside where the heat is please
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Littleton, New Hampshire, USA

Let's play some kind of sport. That would be a good way with little pressure to see how someone really acts. After that, maybe going to lunch wouldn't be a bad idea. We'll have earned it by exercising, anyways! 😂
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, GBR

Something that gets my adrenaline going! I love a fabulous wine and dine but this isn't my go to choice. I am very open minded to trying new things. Make me laugh on the first date and there's guaranteed a second one.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | id love to go to an aecade and spend the day playing and mak...

We go to an amusement park or arcade and have fun getting to know each other while we each get closer and closer and then out to dinner and whatever he plans I'm big on him making plans because he shows how much he wants to go as well
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

A sweet but simple date possibility can to simply playing games, watching movies and chatting, or even something fun and special like baking and cooking together. Quality time is my love language and I'm happy to keep you company. Maybe even we can learn some new things from each other. :3
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Somerset, Manitoba, CAN

Playing video games and going on a Huge shopping spree together! Then we'd go out to dinner and talk while drinking, and You would drive me home, or I could go to your place and we could watch a movie Kya~ <3
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

I would love a lunch date but also horses back riding. Maybe go go Karting. Also rock climbing. I would like going drag racing. Even a quiet day at the beach for a picnic Even jet sking or snorkeling. Something we can do while having fun and breaking the ice.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Chicago, Illinois, USA

An ideal first date would be somewhere fun where we both can let loose and show our fun side! Then I would let you pick the restaurant because I am interested in seeing your likes and dislikes of course.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | San Diego, California, USA

A perfect first date for me is arcades and drinks, I think I'm pretty great at arcade games and they allow a not so awkward first interaction. The coin up, Dave n busters, beach aracades all pretty fun places that I enjoy.
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Syracuse, New York, USA

Axe throwing , rock wall climbing or bowling. Let's have a drink and be active. Have fun and talk. We match energy let's do this more ☺️ Let me make you happy and me happy. No games though 🤣 seriously being ghosted and scamming is just getting old.
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, USA

My ideal first date would be doing something adventurous and fun. I find it easier to talk and relax when you are laughing and engaging in an acvitity with someone. Even going to a restaurant that neither of us have been to is exciting because it allows us to share a moment together that we have yet to experience.
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Nacogdoches, Texas, USA

I'd say bowling with a few drinks, or pool with a few drinks... Somewhere we can get to know each other and have fun doing it ... I like to get to know you but not have it so pressurized. So some place that takes our minds off of the obvious yet allows us to get to know one another
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | working out is something i love to do it soothes me so yeah,...

My first date idea is maybe a walk or a run somewhere just doing something having fun enjoying each other's company and not sitting down bored you know ......I don't eat out unless it's subway but I meal prep all my food and cook and I don't eat red meat or pork only turkey chicken salmon and eggs no bread or any pasta idk lol I just eat what I like but I do love subway I do music and I draw I don't drink or smoke but if you do that's fine first date can be anything as long as we are enjoying each other company and just spending the time well I don't care lol
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | public place, Adak, Alaska, USA

A nice cold beer or drink, axe throwing and/or a couple rounds of pool to chat and get to know one another better. I'm competive by nature so something that's competitive and active is best. Keeps the heart young
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40, Male / Sugar Daddy | Independence, Ohio, USA

First dates should always be something timed, active and fun. This way we can see how we match up and yet still have a good time while we're at it. It should be a timed activity to allow both of us an easy way to part ways without upsetting the other person. First dates should both be a time to enjoy the company of someone new and test the waters of compatibility. The place should always be open and public, yet quiet enough to talk openly. It needs to be a place where both people feel comfortable and safe.

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