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30, Male / Sugar Daddy | Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

After our day time activities were going to Have a dinner Under the sunset and getting to know one each other if goes well we can fnshd the night off with a game of bowling winner gets to kiss the loser ;)
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Bang Bon, Bangkok, THA

A beautiful stride in the waters of Thailand, a beautiful tent set up on a nearby coast. Enjoying food, the scenery, the music, each other. With my adventurous side, the activities the island can offer us. I am an adrenaline junky
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21, Male / Sugar Daddy | live oak perhaps, San Antonio, Texas, USA

go out under the stars at a park to chat and have a picnic
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Something light, but also something fun to get to know a person on a better level. A nice dinner date, coffe date, or walk in the park possibly. Nothing too serious, as I'm a very laid back individual. Anything to lighten the stress and anxiety of a first date!
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59, Female / Sugar Baby | San Antonio, Texas, USA

Getting to know each other in a public setting. Museum, outdoor event, casual lunch or dinner. Getting to know each other personally before becoming personal. If I don't feel it, I prefer not to fake it. If I feel it, be ready! ( Assuming that you do as well).
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | San Diego, California, USA

My ideal first date will have to be a long walk on the beach I do love the beach but I also do love nature and seeing its scenery. Maybe with an ice cream cone or Sunday on the side.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | New York, New York, USA

Let's talk and pick each other's brains and see how we can both benefit each from other. I enjoy real conversations, not just small talk. I want to hear your passions and interests and what makes you you!
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53, Male / Sugar Daddy | Any place where conversation could be done, Cape Girardeau, ...

open for discussion
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Kingswells, Aberdeen City, GBR

We can have some lunch maybe go for drinks after and sit somewhere nice and get to know eachother and then we can go have ago at bowling or ice skating 😅 I mean that sounds fun to me sooooooooooooo🤷🏻‍♀️
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Kamloops, British Columbia, CAN

My ideal first date would be something casual and fun. A walk, wildlife park,ice skating or even a picnic. Something easy and fun to get to know you. I prefer activities over basic dates like movies or dinner.
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25, Male / Sugar Daddy | Edmonton, Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

i enjoy the simple spontaneous things, lets go for a walk n get to know eachother, maybe have some drinks or smoke up while we do?? :)
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | El Paso, Texas, USA

Just getting to know each other and making each other laugh and enjoy our time. Having fun is what counts. Learning about each other. Gotta keep a conversation going and just catch a vibe ❤️ Living life to the fullest
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Going for a walk around the Seawall on a sunny day and people watching, followed by grabbing some brunch and mimosas. Later we can head to an arcade or bowling alley for some friendly competition.....😌
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Abingdon, Maryland, USA

Would be to go to the mall and shop and then out to eat at a nice restaurant and get to know each other and then to an arcade to play games and then end the night/date with a nice movie and relax with each other.
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | does not matter, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

Honestly if you can plan something thoughtful and sweet I would love it. I'm so simple to please. Just know I enjoy food 😂 I enjoy some sweet stuff. Drinks are always nice and I prefer a laid back setting
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Alamo, Texas, USA

I absolutely love anything to do with books. Barnes & Noble anytime with an amazing person would be amazing. Though I am very spontaneous, it wouldn't hurt to try something new. It would be so nice too to just be with someone away from crowds or people and just talk and hang out, whether it be at the beach or the park. It doesn't matter.
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Lexington, Nebraska, USA

A good way for me to get to know a person a lot of the time is by how they behave. I'm a very observant person so I can see how you feel or think by your body movement, facial expressions, and the tones of your voice. So a place where there is plenty of light and where we can just relax, talk, and laugh would be perfect. I think sitting at a park during the day time with a warm coffee to soothe the chill of the air would be wonderful, though if it's in the morning, you might have a hard time getting me out of bed unless you bribe me with coffee right away (just no dairy, I'm lactose intolerant sadly, almond milk is fine). An open, nicely lit place is a park. Walking around the area of a park is an ideal place for me, because I love nature greatly.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | New Iberia, Louisiana, USA

Anything that I can do outside and enjoying the fresh air! A simple walk in the park or even a little picnic out in the grass! We could always make a trip to a small coffee shop and talk over a cup of coffee.
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46, Female / Sugar Baby | Kingman, Arizona, USA

Have a easy conversation, not have to plan, just show up and enjoy the company. I am easy to please with many things I would like to enjoy and experience. Have not done or experienced enough and now it's time.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Asheboro, North Carolina, USA

I'm into novelty experices so really it can be anything. it can be a book store, coffee shop, a walk, museums, sightseeing or just running errands. we can talk, laugh and get to know each other. maybe tell each other stories. as long as it feels inviting, fun and extroverted im good.

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