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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Cleveland, Ohio, USA

First dates are all about the first impressions i love the casual dinner and movies but also would like something more fun and spontaneous like go karts , museums, aquarium , ice cream , or just simply driving around town
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Eindhoven, North Brabant, NLD

I would love to go out for something small and not to much pressure, its important we both feel comfortable! I like to be silly sometimes so a first date should not be to heavy, I like to be active to so the date options are endlesssss
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Greenville, North Carolina, USA

A vineyard (I've never been to one!) a nice rooftop restaurant or somewhere we can enjoy some live music. Something low impact with plenty of face time face time to actually talk and get to know each other!
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | 7th street, Chicago, Illinois, USA

it's all up to you !! i'm not really a picky person . i love doing spontaneous things ! having fun is my #1 priority. and also talking about our personal life .... i would say traveling but i get home sick !!
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Unsure, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA

We can be playful. Drinks or not. First dates are really to set the tone for eachother and whay we want. Be upfront and cut to the chase. What exactly drives you as a person. Um I'm open to ideas so we'll go from there.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Something that we would have to discuss . Everyone has a different beautiful ideas of a great fantastic date . It's all up to us of what would be ideal . But please NO "Netflix and chill dates " I will refuse that.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Fort Worth, Texas, USA

I am a pink ✨Kawaii✨ girl. My apartment, car, and woredrobe is pink and cute. So I'd love to be able to get dressed of nice and cute for you and go on a nice date somewhere we could get a bite to eat and enjoy each other's company. And maybe I have on vibrating or crochless pantries for public fun. <3
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | North Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Chocolate cookies Or walking on the beach Just relaxing together Looking at the stars outside Talking a drive talking about the future and our lives and if we want more deep conversation I need a understanding person
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | England, Arkansas, USA

Going to a small bakery here in Arkansas then sitting down at a park and talking or like having me go around and be childish and play. Then after you take me to the movies or to the store to pick out some stuffed or clothing
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, USA

Dressing up to go out to eat, afterwards go to eat sweet pasteries (I have such a sweet tooth). Then afterwards go for a drive or take a nice stroll to get to know one another. Learn about yourself and your beliefs as well.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Masontown, West Virginia, USA

Going to a nice fancy restaurant! I like eating at Olive Garden!!! It's so yummy and good. My favorite things there are the desserts! Or the breadsticks mmmmm yummy. After go sit by the beach or in the car and stare are the stars
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Struthers, Ohio, USA

I'm simple I like to eat, homemade italian or Mexican is my favorite.I have a horrible sweet tooth so dessert is a must. But, an ideal date would be to go to Barnes and noble and pick out books. I love to read.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Gainesville, Georgia, USA

Maybe go out having something to eat maybe a drink. Come home or to a room maybe go swimming or just watch a movie. Maybe give me a massage and I'll give you one. Eat ice cream while we have some fun .
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Cleveland, Ohio, USA

an ideal first date for me would be going out on a nice dinner , having great conversations the whole time and admiring eachother . Then after doing something fun and adventurous like go cart racing .
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Nashville, Tennessee, USA

I'd love to go anywhere , I'm from Kansas and my taste buds I feel have been sheltered all my life , I want to explore different foods from many cultures and Nashville has so many options and it's not far from me currently!
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I'm a very laid back female, so to me a date would be at home just binge watching movies! And if it involves candy and snacks I'll love you forever🤎 But I do like dressing up and going out every now and then.
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | San Andreas, California, USA

Going to a cute ice cream place. We would sit and talk while getting whatever ice cream we choose (my favorite it's strawberry or cookies and cream). It would be a great was for us to get to know each other.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere really works chocolate is my weakness., Austin, Tex...

I have a really big sweet tooth show for me and I knew they would be taking a nice stroll through the park with ice cream or frozen yogurt. I would even like to go to a nice big green sit down and have a conversation with a coffee and a dessert.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | N/A, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Something casual like a simple dinner or even something extravagant like going to a race track. But if you really wanna hit it off set up somthing romantic like a projector date and a tiny bit of anime.🤣
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

I'd like to be able to be in a space to converse to get to know you and see if we really have a connection , so maybe grabbing a coffee or getting a sweet treat for my sweet tooth would be a good start . The next date can be something interactive and fun . But the first date is to get to know you for sure .

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