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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Monterey, California, USA

Going on a hike and having a picnic, and then finding a good place to watch the sunset 🦋 nothing better than being surrounded by nature :) and stop along the way so I can be fascinated by the cool mushrooms I find 😂🍄
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

Something simple. Like a walk in the park to get to know each other! Have a nice conversation. Maybe sit by a river since it's so calming and relaxing. It'll help ease the jitters of the first time meeting.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | 279 lighthouse reach, St. Marys, Georgia, USA

My ideal date would be a late night walk on the beach. Just talking and gazing at the water as the moon reflects off it. The smell of the fresh salt water and nothing but the sound of the waves whooshing.
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | N/A, Euless, Texas, USA

Going hiking or on the lake , romantic view of the sunset! Somewhere we can talk, & get to know eachother! See how thing's play out for the both of us ❤️ Tell me what you like & what you don't like! Fulfill eachother fantasies
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19, Female / Sugar Baby | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

I would love to go out and walk on the beach underneath the moon and just have a deep intellectual conversation about anything and perhaps hold hands as well! Anything would be fine as long as I have good company!
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Upper West Side 59th st., Manhattan, New York, USA

My first date i would like us to take a stroll....i know it sounds so simple but walking side by side can actually help quell some of the anxiety and awkwardness usually associated with first date conversations....And i think it will also help open our lines of communication...
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Arcata, Arcata, California, USA

I love to travel, hike, take naps on the beach, try new foods. So I think my perfect date would be to go explore a random city and do one or more of those things. I'm an all day date type of girl haha
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Burlington, North Carolina, USA

Well it's cold now but I prefer first dates to be fun. Outside activities such as a picnic; bike ride sound good to me. I am not athletic but I can hang with the best of them. I would like to think I'm fit so a hike or nature trail are good ideas too.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I would love to sip wine as we get lost in each other's eyes talk about everything that comes to mind lay all of our burdens on the table vent, laugh indulge in some good sweet treats! Maybe paint some pictures if it's a nice day out
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | 8820 Big View Dr, Austin, TX 78730, Del Valle, Texas, USA

Late night car ride❤️ Or going to an art museum:) I love trails and just spending time with my over person☺️ I really like romantic type dates but I am not to picky also food is also an good idea lol I love eating😊
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Dallas, Texas, USA

I would love to just grab food and find a Beautiful place to see the city and talk about all kinds of stuff. Then maybe grab take a walk downtown to see the city lights and talk about more deeper stuff
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, California, USA

A nice walk at the beach. I love anything that has to do with nature. I also love to go hiking and indoor rock climbing. I love dates that involve team building activities which helps me get to know you better.
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42, Female / Sugar Baby | A nice healthy lunch., Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Meeting at a healthy restaurant of your choice, flowing conversation, finding out common interest, but still gaining understanding or learning about potential common interest. Smile it's not all business.. 😁We are definitely going to laugh... After lunch go walk and talk till we notice the stars and know that there will be a second meeting.....
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | lake placid is one of my favorite places, New York, New York...

I just Really love the outdoors anything to do with nature is amazing :) it can Be something as simple as a walk near a lake or a hike up 4000 ft, both a perfect in thier own way and create a lot of time to get to know each other haha :)
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18, Female / Sugar Baby | Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Sitting under the stars at night, talking about the future while eating snacks or dinner or walking on the beach at night/ or early morning talking about the future, and what it would hopefully be instore for our future.
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21, Female / Sugar Baby | Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

My ideal date would be something that is more active. Such as hiking, rock climbing. Or maybe even a picnic. Getting to know each more. Something more laid back, and relaxing would also be my ideal date.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

An ideal date would be a movie or dinner. It could be simple it can be exciting, anything just to meet you. I can show you waterfalls across nc. Meeting you and viking and getting to know each other in any environment
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | Key West, Florida, USA

I enjoy talking and getting to know someone so my ideal date would be doing something active like a hike or kayaking. I also enjoy scuba diving and being out on the water. Anything active and then maybe getting food afterward.
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33, Female / Sugar Baby | Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Meeting at Starbucks to get iced coffees to go. The going for a walk on the beach to enjoy some sunshine and our toes in the sand. Sitting down at the waters edge getting to know eachother to establish if there is a connection or not.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | riverside park, Wichita, Kansas, USA

Going to dinner getting all dress up! Or going to get ice cream walking by the river getting to know each other. Talking about life goals! The bad the ugly about yourself what makes you a good person. What you like to do for fun

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