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  • TootsCRoll ( 32, Female / sugar baby / Philadelphia, PA )

    I like to make pretty things, and you learn a lot about a person by watching them create

  • ashcash91 ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Phoenix, AZ )

    Iv always wanted to take a glassblowing class.

  • desirelov ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Columbus, OH )

    I love trying out new things, i am very open minded about things

  • ebonysawyer2014 ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Oxford, MS )

    Canvas painting in a small studio, while talking about life and after a date on the square or out of town.

  • TeyaLee ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Valley Mills, TX )

    A great first date for me, would be grabbing a coffee or small bite to eat, and then finding somewhere scenic to chit chat and do a little art! Watercolor has always been my preference!

  • RoseeLee22 ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Brooklyn, NY )

    A nice wine and paint . Great conversations , great food .

  • musicalnymph ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    A pottery or painting class or something exotic and out of the ordinary

  • rc12345 ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Palm Beach Gardens, FL )

    I think a wonderful first date would be an art class somewhere near the beach so that after we finish our class we can take a stroll by the water and talk

  • HeartsandKisses ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Pecatonica, IL )

    I am pretty artsy and happy go lucky so if you put wine and painting together into a lovely combination it is always a new experience full of laughter and joy.

  • XxpanxX ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Sonora )

    Maybe go to a museum or watch a play

  • ambitw ( 51, Male / sugar daddy / Taichung, Tai-wan )

    Let's meet and make something together. Afterwards, we can go for a great dinner in a restaurant with an awesome view. It'll be fun.

  • bestbabydoll ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Barboursville, WV )

    I'm an artist myself, so going anywhere even remotely related to art is a perfect first date for me!

  • GloriousLaughter ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Sacramento, CA )

    How about we find a wine and paint class and we can do self portraits in San Francisco!

  • Maja_Winter ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Saint Louis, MO )

    Being creative opens up an opportunity for easy going conversation that never ends.

  • Noelles ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Singapore )

    candlelight dinners and walks in the beach are too overrated. i want something artistic like check out an art museum or go to a performing art theater or something? yeah you probably think im boring but screw you for thi...  read more >>