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  • Sinfulkytten ( 38, Female / sugar baby / Fayetteville, NC )

    Honestly my first ideal date is coffee. Allows for talking and getting to know each other and we can also plan to do something else if we wish if we want to hangout long.

  • Parker_M889 ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Gold Coast, Queensland )

    Start with some coffee and small talk, then see if it evolves into something more

  • GeekyAmai ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Fresno, CA )

    I enjoy a good coffee and conversation date. We could go for a walk or drive after. I enjoy getting to know someone in person because I get to take in all your body language and the tone of your voice.

  • ADLGENT68 ( 49, Male / sugar daddy / Unley, South Australia )

    Coffee catch up to see how we get on.

  • Jame812 ( 39, Male / sugar daddy / Edmonton, AB )

    Ideal first date would be coffee. It all starts there, then we will see.

  • chill18 ( 48, Male / sugar daddy / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Meet up for coffee and have a bit of a chat then all going well we should catch a movie.......

  • Nyxarity ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Auburn, WA )

    I would love to do a sort of chemistry meet up before like any official date. So a coffee meetup and then an actual date later at a nice restaurant or a hike somewhere you know and enjoy and can share with me.

  • BreanneSweet ( 20, Female / sugar baby / London, ON )

    For a first date I would like to keep it casual and chat for a little while to get to know each other. If things go well, other date ideas would be dinner at a restaurant or a movie. :)

  • flowerdoll ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Lawrence, KS )

    Drinking coffee and getting to know each other.

  • Red_allycat ( 33, Female / sugar baby / Christchurch City, Canterbury )

    With coffee and conversation

  • goldenhellen ( 23, Female / sugar baby / San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo Leon )

    Soy cafeinómana, entonces ¿por qué no ir por un café :)? I'm a caffeine addict, so why not go for a coffee and have a chat :)?

  • BellaMarie3 ( 54, Female / sugar baby / Katy, TX )

    Coffee and Conversation to meet, and to see if a second date would be considered by both parties..

  • TakeAByte ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Toronto, ON )

    Getting a warm cup of tea/coffee on a chilly (or a cold beer on a warm night) followed by a walk through the city. It's simple but it allows room for great conversation and spontaneous adventure if need be.

  • kimmysun ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Seattle, WA )

    I like to keep the first date simple and straighforward, coffee or tea at a nice cafe or dinner at a nice restaurant and then go from there :). Always down to walk or drive around town after.

  • Chillgore ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Little Rock, AR )

    I would love to get coffee at a casual cafe and then if we hit it off go to a park or somewhere where we could get cozy :)