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  • Skywalker09 ( 27, Female / sugar baby / Port Clinton, OH )

    I am definitely the sweetest person. Theres a trick to getting my sugary sweet center just right. I love CANDY!!!

  • Canolie ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Take me to a local McDonalds, and by me fresh Apple pies and soft serve ice creams, then just sit with me and babble about anything and everything

  • Quardo ( 37, Male / sugar daddy / Hobart, Tasmania )

    Let's meet in the park and have a stroll with coffee and pastry. Sit on the grass if it's fine, or shelter in the orchid-house if it's wet. Seriously one of my preferred ways to meet for a first date.

  • zaraking ( 18, Female / sugar baby / London, England - London )

    I'd like it to be funny and casual however if things escalate then they do

  • Nixakoru ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Yukon, OK )

    Going out to get ice cream or coffee and just talking~ something simple

  • irving001 ( 25, Female / sugar baby / chengdu, Sichuan )

    want to meet my soul mate

  • LaddaLove36 ( 39, Female / sugar baby / Baton Rouge, LA )

    Walk around the Mall after a Buffet and conversation about likes and dislikes while looking at the Candy Shop.

  • ChocolateBunnie9 ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Bronx, NY )

    The perfect date is having a great time and just sharing things with each other.

  • GoldBaby98 ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Abington, MA )

    Something active or a nice dinner, always public on the first date

  • chodewarrior ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Chicago, IL )

    OO! itd be cool to find a cute little cafe and just stuff our faces with hot chocolate and cake. and maybe go swimming or go to an art museum.

  • ErikaAngel65 ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Albuquerque, NM )

    Building a blanket fort and watching cheesy movies that make us happy. Maybe we can have some fun too <3

  • SweetPeacches ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Gold Bar, WA )

    This might sound silly but, I love walking into a frozen yogurt place finding a comfy spot and just chatting! After that we would maybe just go see a movie

  • Benjamintan ( 35, Male / sugar daddy / Singapore )

    Sit, chill and intro and see how it goes....

  • SimplyDVine ( 41, Female / sugar baby / New Bedford, MA )

    I'm not Susy Sweet girl.. I don't need dinner and dancing. How about sharing a bag of MnM's in a tent in the backyard?

  • mamaTahnie ( 32, Female / sugar baby / Eugene, OR )

    Whatever works for us both that night. I'm open minded.