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  • kneehighs ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Ames, IA )

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I would love some fun company.

  • KdarlingLover ( 19, Female / sugar baby / McAllen, TX )

    How about we have a lovely brunch outside with nice weather, it would give me the opportunity to wear a beautiful lacy-white mini dress I've been dying to put on. then we can go to an art museum and have intellectual con...  read more >>

  • EmaniS ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Fayetteville, AR )

    A nice brunch allows us to get to know each other a little, feel each other out without feeling obligated to spend too much time. The brevity of brunch allows for us to keep the keep a little mystery about us.

  • Shortdiva46 ( 48, Female / sugar baby / North Little Rock, AR )

    Surprise me!!

  • kikuuuu ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Austin, TX )

    I really love brunch and desserts! I'm not too picky about date ideas, however, I don't really like going to the movies. That being said, I most likely will not want to go on a movie date.

  • RosieRed23 ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Astoria, NY )

    Before meeting up, I'd love to meet you via skype and if we connect I'd love to go out to brunch and get to know you more and maybe walk around!

  • daiiisy777 ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Oklahoma City, OK )

    Enjoy a nice brunch on a patio with a couple of glasses of wine. After dinner, we could enjoy the art and music.

  • Lassie75 ( 27, Female / sugar baby / Lafayette, CA )

    Brunch is great for a first date because it's decently informal and it gives the couple a chance to talk and then there is the rest of the afternoon to do something else. Maybe a museum or hike etc...

  • nenebae ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Bruxelles, Brabant )

    I'm a foodie girl, going to the restaurant on the first date is a good idea because at least we have something we'll be both interessted in talking about (the meal).

  • MiracleJayee ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Houston, TX )

    A nice brunch on a weekend.

  • JessiieJane ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Lunch, to get to know each other and speak about how this works as I'm hopeless lol ^.^ Followed by shopping or a movie Or just what we both agree on as a date (: x

  • FelicityW ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Huntingdon, England - Huntingdonshire )

    My perfect first date would be brunch in a cute cafe followed by a walk in Hyde park.

  • MasikaSugarLove ( 28, Female / sugar baby / Oslo, Oslo )

    Would prefer a brunch or a dinner in a launge or restaurant with soft soothing music cos i am a bit shy so something like that will definately make me relaxed and also it's easy to have a conversation in a relaxing place...  read more >>

  • BriannaM34 ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Romulus, MI )

    Sweet and simple.

  • ReinRaine ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Phoenix, AZ )

    Something casual and fun. We can chat and get to know each other.