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  • alinaranjo ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Bayfield, CO )

    I'm a Culinary Arts student so of course I love good food.

  • misshsl ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Lincoln, NE )

    A casual conversation to learn about you in a quiet, calm location.

  • juliecalifornia ( 36, Female / sugar baby / Santa Monica, CA )

    Let's enjoy a nice meal and share some wine while we explore each others desires.

  • sterling_raven ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Ottawa, ON )

    For my ideal first date, I wouldn't want to sit in one place for too long. I love adventure and this would be the chance for a man to really impress me. I love to experience new things so I hope he would take the opportu...  read more >>

  • JustYourShae ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Round Rock, TX )

    Let's cook/bake for eachother!

  • mistresstravel ( 29, Female / sugar baby / Perth, Western Australia )

    nice place to eat, something fun like a boat, or jazz club

  • SunKissedBaby91 ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Sydney, New South Wales )

    I'm super adventurous and not a picky eater, take me on a journey that will tingle my tastebuds

  • SweetlySara ( 31, Female / sugar baby / New York, NY )

    I am a foodie.

  • Wanderlust220 ( 27, Female / sugar baby / New York, NY )

    Take me away somewhere for dinner just because it's a place you've been dying to try. I'll try anything once. I will never turn down a trip to the theatre or to the MET

  • Im_Blue ( 22, Female / sugar baby / caba, Buenos Aires )

    Una comida siempre revelará el espíritu espontaneo y la química de ambas partes a diferencia de citas que implican estar callados, me gusta oír mucho, por ende creo que esta clase de citas ayuda a conocer mucho uno del otro

  • kikipierce ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Glendale, AZ )

    cook together and make a mess, your kitchen, A rented kitchen a bbq pit. grill or convince a restaurant to allow us to cook in their kitchen. :3

  • ChemWiz86 ( 31, Female / sugar baby / Norfolk, NE )

    I love trying new places and foods... After dinner and drinks, I'd love to go for a walk through a park or something where we could talk more...then maybe dancing or something adventurous to end the night.

  • DuchessCortez ( 32, Female / sugar baby / Monroe, WA )

    I love first dates because they can tell you a lot about the person. I want to know about you. I typically enjoy a first date somewhere relaxing, we could be doing something fun but I want to get to know you as a person...  read more >>

  • Turanna ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Lakeland, FL )

    One of my favorite things to do with friends is to go into the Downtown area of a city and go to a restaurant none of us have been in before. For a date I think it'd be fun because we both get to have a new experience.

  • HazelHunny ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Adelaide, South Australia )

    Go somewhere with soft lighting, drink some wine, and talk.