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  • Igr2075 ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Denver, CO )

    Let's meet for drinks to break the ice and get to know each other better.

  • Germangirl0217 ( 30, Female / sugar baby / Denver, CO )

    Would love to meet you for drinks or a cup of tea! I think good conversation is great starter for a new potential relationship. Let’s meet in person and chat!

  • StaceyJade1 ( 27, Female / sugar baby / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Drinks a dance and a night cap ;)

  • Yltsa1234 ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Gaithersburg, MD )

    My ideal date would be to grab drinks, laugh and talk. Then, maybe we could take a walk around the area and talk a bit more. I love to listen; I find that if you sit back and allow the other person freedom to vent, they...  read more >>

  • Keenforfun69 ( 43, Male / sugar daddy / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Keen on drinks and an adventure

  • Sxpf34 ( 34, Male / sugar daddy / Wilmington, DE )

    Let's grab some drinks I'm Wilmington. I love dive bars just as much as fancy pub.

  • Alphadaddy44 ( 55, Male / sugar daddy / Calgary, AB )

    Meeting for drinks or dinner is my ideal way to break the ice! Get to know you.

  • RyianK ( 32, Female / sugar baby / Temple Hills, MD )

    I would love to explore the nightlife in the city! Just wanna laugh and enjoy the great convo of getting to know each other.

  • DyemondNdaRuff ( 42, Female / sugar baby / Bronx, NY )

    Lets meet for drinks to feel each other out and then go from there!

  • hazexxthecat ( 28, Female / sugar baby / Toorak, Victoria )

    A dive bar in Melbourne with top shelf gin. Yes!

  • SweetSweetSammy ( 32, Female / sugar baby / West Palm Beach, FL )

    after a nice masage having a drink with my man and going back to our room, all lovey dovey,ho knows what willcum next

  • MJGorecki ( 28, Female / sugar baby / Calgary, AB )

    Who doesn’t love getting to know someone over a lovely bottle of red wine, or delicious bourbon?

  • mark1968 ( 50, Male / sugar daddy / Liverpool, England - Merseyside )

    We could a quiet drink and may be play some pool

  • VegasKoala ( 30, Female / sugar baby / Las Vegas, NV )

    I would probably like to losen up a little on our first date haha, a couple of drinks would be nice. Someplace kind of quiet where we can get to know each other.

  • StarChaserSusan ( 56, Female / sugar baby / Mahwah, NJ )

    A drink or coffee. Maybe if it's a nice clear night a walk and stargaze. Good chat to get to know one another