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  • Lee78741 ( 37, Female / sugar baby / Austin, TX )

    Sweet tea sweet cakes pan dulce

  • Blondienxtdoor06 ( 31, Female / sugar baby / Boston, MA )

    Drinks and dessert

  • Keke_Addams ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Mobile, AL )

    I love going to bakeries! My favorite desserts are Italian and French desserts. We could go get some sweets, and then go to a beach or go hiking! I love eating new foods and going on little adventures.

  • Charmant ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Atlanta, GA )

    I would love to know what you would like to do.

  • Lildeeski ( 35, Female / sugar baby / Marion, IL )

    I would like to go for ice cream (it's my fav), and then a nice walk, take time to get to know one another.

  • HintOfJazz ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Jacksonville, NC )

    I'd love to go get food and talk. Movies are good also. I love things like going to parks and such.

  • DiamondDoll21 ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Dessert always first! Then a beautiful Italian dinner

  • hcat216 ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Chicago, IL )

    I like to talk and get to know someone on our first date.

  • misshillis ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Austin, TX )

    Sweets?! Sweets! I'd love to eat a lot of cute pastries at a cafe. It wouldn't be too much, right? We could talk over coffee (I prefer tea but whichever!) and have a good time!

  • Rosie063 ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Atlanta, GA )

    I have a huge sweet tooth and any kind of sweet shop would be a great first date in my book.

  • LovePennyHart ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Plano, TX )

    I would to be taken your favorite sweet tooth spot and order your favorite dessert and get to know you more.

  • MisKris ( 47, Female / sugar baby / Dartmouth, NS )

    Grabbing a tea/coffee and a sweet but going to a near by park to chat and people watch...see if we have the same things on our minds.....if you're really nice I might let you met my dog!!

  • Gingerkitty18 ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Willow Spring, NC )

    Just want to be wowed and also impressed

  • DFrigo ( 43, Male / sugar daddy / zürich, Zurich )

    In einem öffentlichen Lokal in dem es ncht zu laut ist und auch nicht zuviele Leute hat.

  • chichinadoll ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Las Vegas, NV )

    SUGARAHOLIC Food, anything food... Italian, Asian, shit I'll take a jimmy johns sandwich. Just keep me away from spicy food or I'll literally cry haha it hurts, I don't get the hype.