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  • spoopyskeles ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Boone, NC )

    Going to a concert is one of my guilty pleasures and I would love to do that with you :)

  • Elizzabeth_ ( 23, Female / sugar baby / La Jolla, CA )

    Couple of great talented artist some fresh air and cool people to vibe with is our surrounding, but we can only see eachother

  • MlleGrey ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Paris, Ile-de-France )

    Music always awakens passionate feelings :) Then again I am also open to drinks, coffee, dinner, lunch :) Surprise me!

  • 420spaghetti ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Portland, OR )

    Grab some food, get high, listen to music

  • CharlieRockstarr ( 38, Male / sugar daddy / Taos, NM )

    Every "date" is different, depending upon the person, and what's going on, WInter/ Summer, season. Things like that. I've been single for several years, and haven't met anyone interesting or worthy just yet. Pe...  read more >>

  • Lupina ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul )

    Dinner and some live music. Doesn't have to be big, just... cozy.

  • sunsetbeauty77 ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Cleveland, OH )

    Of course love to chat get to know one another, candle light dinner with some soft music

  • corgipeez ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Concord, CA )

    Would love to go to a live music/concert together after a nice dinner.

  • Goldenwildflower ( 27, Female / sugar baby / Phoenix, AZ )

    Any concert that is in town, especially if it is your favorite. Bonus points if I have never heard of them.

  • Harlequin112 ( 31, Female / sugar baby / Oxon Hill, MD )

    I love music. I have a very eclectic taste. It has been so long since I've had the chance to enjoy live music - over ten years at this point. I would even be excited to just do some karaoke- I've never had the pleasure!

  • TheYoungDiva ( 28, Female / sugar baby / Southfield, MI )

    Meet Greet, cocktails & appetizer's....

  • Dellacheeks ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Airdrie, AB )

    First date.. as long as it's adventurous I'm down for a good time :)

  • LuluLoveLife ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland )

    I love music! Music makes my body and mind loose and it makes my life so much better.

  • elizabethlaz ( 25, Female / sugar baby / Park Forest, IL )

    May as well get a little crazy the first time we meet. instead of the uncomfortable lets have awkward small talk over dinner lets dance and get to talk after the show!

  • NinaHart ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Portland, OR )

    I would love to go to a concert on a first date. I enjoy sharing my love of music and would like someone who shares my similar interests in music.