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  • Sailorrmoon ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Traverse City, MI )

    I would love to watch a movie on the first date.

  • smithelizabethal ( 28, Female / sugar baby / Aurora, CO )

    hi, just going through your profile , everything you have on there are good...... Thats not the problem, Am Elizabeth by name.

  • Mina1996 ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Melbourne, Victoria )

    How about we go watch an interesting film together and have a drink together somewhere quiet afterwards.

  • HeavenLeiAnn ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Texarkana, AR )

    Its corny but i love the traditional "take your date to the movies to watch a horror flick" i dunno ive just always liked it

  • Shayspleasure97 ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Rochester, NY )

    I love someone who will take me out for a nice movie and we get to sit in the comfortable seats, I love wearing skirts so as we watch maybe they can tease me a bit, hold me if I get scared, or kiss me when it's romantic...  read more >>

  • xoxobeli ( 20, Female / sugar baby / San Diego, CA )

    I love going to the movies, I've basically seen everything out!

  • Teebaby18 ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Houston, TX )

    We go out for something to eat , talk ask questions get to know each other after grab a movie and plan the next date

  • OliviaOria ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Birmingham, England - West Midlands )

    Lets watch the new Bridget Jones!

  • patelheni5201 ( 37, Male / sugar daddy / India )

    pehle movie dekhne jana baad me ghumna firna baad me dinner sath main karna....

  • LauraMcain ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Lancaster, OH )

    Where I came from, less is always more. I have a love for movies (all kinds of movies) and would be happy to go to a theatre within distance of us both

  • Trina444 ( 37, Female / sugar baby / Bronx, NY )

    My first date idea

  • opalgoddess ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Springfield, MA )

    I love watch movies especially horror classics, I enjoying a movie snuggled up is my kind of date. I'd have to say my second favorite date would be a picnic.

  • limaolistrado ( 25, Male / sugar daddy / Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais )

    I love watch films so go to the movies is the perfect idea of first date for me. And you pick the film because your choice of film say so much about yourself

  • LAURAR ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Saint Cloud, MN )


  • AfikaQueen ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Mobile, AL )

    Im very layback just want to have a good time.