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What can I expect from a Sugar Daddy? Message board

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    I am totally new to this kind of arrangement. I joined a Sugar Daddy Dating site about a week ago and have been chatting with some of the men on there. I haven't met anyone in person yet. They keep asking me what I want from them (allowance, gifts, etc.). Since I have no idea what to expect, what should I tell them? Can anyone tell me about their experiences and what you got out of this agreement? 

    I appreciate all the info and advice!! xoxo
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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 09, 2013 at 08:46 PM

    I think you'll find there are different types of Sugar dadddies. Some approach the relationship from monitary / gratitude aspect which is similar to a mutual business arrangement. Others will desire romantic bonding and commitment such as a wife husband arrangement where mutual benifit occurs while living together. I perfer this form more than the prior and it is kind of what I am looking for, not so much marriage but a life like this to some extent where we are somewhat are commited to each other. Overall I think it is up to the people involved to establish and mutually agree on the conditions of their relationship and that may vary greatly depending on the desires of each individual couple and relationship.  Basically I'd like someone to live with where we are involved in a complete relationship and where the allowance, if you desire to say that, would be 300 to 400 per week for shopping clothes, hair and other personal desires and where all other expenses of living, room, board transportation are paid by the sugar daddy.

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    Damn it seems like nobody in my area has pictures on their profile ... This site's strange :(
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    what a beautful face  im sure you won't have a problem finding someone