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    To the rich Sugar daddy out there - petit pretty brunette waiting to be your companion and to be shown and treated to the finer things in life. 

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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 27, 2017 at 07:00 PM

    You want a Rich Sugar Daddy  Huh ??  !!     That is so cute and your Sincerety is very disarming ,  And you have a very pretty face ......  BUT do you have a figure to match your little Doll face ?!!   A waistline under 28 inches with very curvy legs ?     I am Not trying to be nosy my dear But if you are a doll from head to toes then I suggest you get some Real Proffesioal photos taken that show the Entire You preferably in a Minidress to show your lovely legs.   ...........  But don't look at me .  I am NOT Rich YET !! ,  I still need time to finish my Awsomw Invention to Patent it and Put it on the Market in a year or two at the longest .  Once it hits the Market WATCH OUT .    The First thing I will do is buy me one Awsome Road Machine and have it painted Candly-Apple Red with Gold Pin stripes ......  The kind of car that James Bond would buy.

      And the DOLL that I am Married to at the time will ALSO be able buy any car or Cars she wishes .   God bless your search my dear and i hope that the man you marry learns to love more than Just your looks and your body But Also Your mind and heart and soul .     Most Sincerely Yours,  ......... Angel

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