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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 24, 2015 at 07:19 PM

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    I like the sound of this....i hope you have found the ideal person if not.... ....hummmm.......... I am up for it.. can message me as soon as you get this. Thanks. 

  • View author's info Posted on Feb 22, 2016 at 07:35 PM

    Ok here goes, I am open to finding someone falling in love and them being part of my life, but I am a realist and realise that people don't fall in love overnight, but as long as there is a mutual respect and some attraction with an open mind I will feel it and we can start the journey straight away.

    I am ideally looking for a PA (Personal Assistant) with an open mind to a relationship eventually, I am not interested in NSA arrangements or anyone without a long term vision, I will start by having her accompany me on my trips and running my household as my PA but hopefully after a short interim period we will know 100% if we are compatible or not.

    As I do need a PA (Personal Assistant) as I am retired but still have a busy household and current projects including my FASHION MAGAZINE and its very hard to start a new relationship as your PA does everything and works so closely with you including travel for work so there's always tension between a partner and PA especially a new relationship, I really want a right hand person to share my load and help keep my life in order, I am looking for a physical relationship so if that is out of the question don't worry about applying as I do want a passionate partner from the start in the first few days.

    I am open to a arrangement of sorts but I will not entertain anyone that has not got a long term plan as it will waste both out time because I will see through it and have a very SHORT ATTENTION SPAN, the position of my PA will be through MY company once I know we are compatible after the first week TRIAL, however you will be paid from day one of the trial a great base wage by myself as an arrangement, then on the books after we decide there is a future moving forward, there is also great bonuses including all accommodation food etc and much more.

    This position is a LIVE IN position, therefore in the beginning I am happy with you to have your own room until comfortable, this will hopefully help with the transition and make it easier to relax around me, I am very respectful and a gentleman and as I don't drink, smoke or take drugs there is no chance of any "I was drunk" excuses NO means NO and if there is no chemistry then we are wasting each others time and there will be no hard feelings, so if it does not go anywhere the only thing I promise is that you will go out better than when you went in.

    I will work out quickly if someone is compatible and wont waste anyone's time, in saying this a week trial PAID of course will be enough for me to work out where we are at, and if there is the basic respect and attraction, I am ok in this period to tell family and friends that it is WORK only until we go to the next step where I do not expect to be a secret or your boss, so if you feel that family and friends would have a problem with this arrangement then lets not waste each others time. 

    If you like to TRAVEL and are DRIVEN for success, and not afraid of putting in the hard yards for REWARDS beyond your expectations, then I am looking for a PA (Personal Assistant) and GIRLFRIEND, yes the hours are long (on call) as the position is LIVE IN, I will be traveling 8 times overseas and 20 interstate min this year as I am now RETIRED, I have a beautiful penthouse on the Gold Coast so accommodation is not a worry.


    You will however need a passport or be willing to let me get you one ASAP, a drivers license is a bonus, and also be single with no baggage, be looking to eventually fall in love one day and not just after an arrangement, for now we can just enjoy each others company until then.

    I am looking for a very particular person to be able to carry out these duties, below is a rough outline but this is a great opportunity with tours for work overseas before the end of the year, and of course you will be working on our INTERNATIONAL FASHION magazine so there will be many opportunities to get your foot in the FASHION INDUSTRY door even if things don't work out as long as your intentions are genuine, please INBOX ME


    Job Includes (But not limited to)

    • 3 days a fortnight helping with my kids (11yrs Boy & 12 yrs Girl) on call 24/7
    • ALL school holidays helping with the kids on call 24/7
    • Diary management including answering calls and making appointments
    • Booking of travel arrangements
    • Accompanying me to gala events
    • Accompanying me to meetings and taking minutes of the meeting (can be trained)
    • Bookkeeping (will be taught how to do this but is basic data entry)
    • Light domestic duties around the house (that you will be staying in)
    • Social media & BLOG management
    • Some inbound sales of advertising in the magazine
    • Banking & General errands
    • Driving me in car provided so must have a Drivers License
    • Traveling with me overseas so will need a passport 

    Job benefits (But not limited to)

    • Great living conditions in Tweed Heads with all FOOD & Accommodation included
    • Good base salary 
    • Staff bonuses (Profit sharing)
    • Overseas travel for work
    • Interstate travel for work
    • Opportunity to work closely with Peter Txxxxxx on our magazine
    • Stock options in our company after a 3 month trial period
    • Staff mobile phone
    • Use of a staff car after qualifying period 


    Thanks and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have

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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 24, 2015 at 07:19 PM

    Hello darling,

    I can't believe I am only seeing your message now.

    Handsome, very handsome

    If you're still searching, have a look at my profile.