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happy  #Other
My man is a true gentleman in public. At home with me he is my loveslave. He lets me tickle him with feathers and kisses my feet all day long. Then he feeds me donuts and pretzels because he likes real voluptuous women. We are trying for a baby next march when the moon will be in the Virgo aspect of Gemini rising. I like it that everybody on this site is so mentally stable. Whoop whoop pugmut left one s way bigger than my right except during the full moon. Most of the men on here are full of it and tell porkies about there age, leaving out at least two decades, and adding on at least two zeros to their income estimate, and five inches to their height. But we girls are just as bad, We are as spectaular looking as the guys are rich, haha. Curious to see whether this will be accepted.

Advice to other members:

It's what's on the inside that matters. Guys.. Look for inner beauty or expect to be milked for your entire 30k per year, and all of your assets. (yes, she will take that 1995 honda as soon as look at you.)