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I have to say that navigating these sites has been very challenging and difficult. MOST men on these sites are NOT sugar daddies. They are just average guys trying to pay for sex or take advantage of women in need. 9/10 of men only offered "Pay Per Meet" (pay per sex) relationships. Which is prostitution. It was really frustrating to deal with these people! Some men would be down right insulting and mean when I didn't give them wha they wanted.
I really wish these sites would do a better job at vetting men. However, I am aware that the women can be just as bad. Some of them are scammers, others are actual prostitutes, etc. I get it. However finding a real man here is a needle in a hay stack.
I was lucky and I didn't know it. I met an amazing man out of state. he has come to visit me twice and we still have not had sex. I am taking it slowly because I want someone who actually cares about me. He has been incredibly supportive both financially and informationally. He has been teaching me many things, like how to Incorporate my business. He has been introducing me to his peers and partners and is positioning me to be part of his businesses and to run my own.
All of this is possible because he truly has the intention to help me succeed in life and because I have the drive and intellect to keep up with him. Obviously this is a rare opportunity for us both.
I am proud of myself for not giving into the many many various offers from men for far less financial support and far more control and manipulation.
I would tell women using this site and others that you can find a great man who will take care of you. And the way to do that is NOT to have sex with every man that offers a few hundred dollars for your time. The man who is willing to wait for you is the man who will also truly support you.
If you just want quick cash, there is endless men here willing to pay you for sex. However that will never lead to long term support because once they are done with you, they will be off to the next girl. Men are like Sports Fishermen. They want to catch and release. So stay away from any man that wants to pay per meet because he is doing that with multiple women for sure.
Also, NEVER EVER move in with a man. If he is on this site, he should pay for your rent, bills, etc. And He should EARN the opportunity to live together. If he cant afford that, he should be on Tinder. There Is nothing wrong with being normal. Not everyone is rich. That is fine! Don't let them lie about is. And report ALL the men asking for Sex for Money.
And for the men that might read this, stop being so cheap. You don't have to buy them a car on the first date, that is foolish. I have never asked my man for clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. I asked him to pay my speeding ticket, help me get a place to live and take care of my car issues. I asked him to pay for my education (not college, college is stupid). And we took it one step at a time and it has been wonderful.
To the people running this website, please find a way to vet men who are just looking for "Pay Per Meet" sex. And I think that they should have to pay more money or show bank records, pay stubs and verify their incomes. Most of the men I talked to did not have the incomes or net worth they claimed. Having a million dollar house mortgaged at 90% in the Bay Area does not make you a millionaire.
Be patient, and keep your value HIGH. Paying for a date is nothing. Sugar Daddies are supposed to give you a better life than you have now. They should teach you, care for you, and uplift you. You should be in a better position than they found you. And most of the men here will not do that and cannot afford that.
Good luck!