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engaged  #Dating
A friend of mine had just joined sugardaddymeet and was showing me messages & photos of the women he was chatting with. I was single and felt I had nothing to lose for trying this site out, so I created my profile with no expectations & this is where it all began! I constantly was receiving messages and even took one of the women up on her request for a date, but we didn't click. By the end of the week, I felt like continually weeding through messages was a bit exhausting and also realized I wasn't in a hurry to meet anyone, so I replied to a few messages, requested for number from one of the women to offer a date. Shortly after I texted her, we began chatting--every day. The connection was instant. She stood out from the rest; she certainly didn't give off any sort of bad vibe. We planned out first date after 1 month of daily conversations. She was driving out to my city for a new job in the bay area and stopped along the way to meet me. The anticipation and thrill of our first date was beyond anything we had experienced recently, if ever. We went to a cozy restaurant on November 1st 2018 for our first date. We stayed in that booth for over 6 hours laughing the night away. It was as if I had always known her for years. The rest was history after that. She quit her job 6 weeks later and moved to my area to live with me. 6 months later, we got engaged, and we are looking forward to exchanging our vows very soon. We are both so grateful for this website that allowed us to connect. I would not have met my fiancée had it not been for this site!! So thank you :) We are happy, connected, and living life to the fullest!!!!