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    Having a sugar daddy is a great way to live a lavish lifestyle and make some extra cash, but what exactly does it take? If you are not irresistible as a sugar baby, you aren't going to last for very long and any rich potential sugar daddies will just move on to the next one. There are more and more beautiful girls interested in the sugar lifestyle so it's vital that you stand out from the crowd. Let's take a look at some of the steps required to be the best sugar baby possible.

    Have eye catching profiles

    Assuming that you are using the internet to attract possible sugar daddies, you need to make sure that your profile on any sites are eye catching. The first thing he sees is your photo so make sure that it is a flattering but accurate representation of yourself. Have several photos and make sure that you look your best in them. As for your profile, keep the description of yourself short but sweet - he can send you a message if he wants to find out more so make sure to be open to any incoming messages.

    Make an effort with your appearance

    When you meet up with your sugar daddy in the flesh for the first time (and indeed any time you meet him), make sure that you look out of this world. It's no surprise that he wants a gorgeous sugar baby on his arm. You need to be making sure that you dress well, having your makeup/hair done and generally keeping in shape. Dress a little provocative while still leaving a little to the imagination, he will find is irresistible. Many sugar daddies will be more than happy to pay for you to keep up with your high maintenance lifestyle like getting your nails and hair done regularly.

    Be bubbly and fun

    The men on sugar daddy websites actually want a girl who can hold a conversation rather than just sitting being vacant. Looking good is one thing but he doesn't want to be going on dates with somebody who isn't fun. You are going to make him adore you if you are bubbly and not too serious. He might have somebody at home who whines and talks about serious subjects, it is more than likely that he is dating you to get away from that.

    Show your affection

    You need to be comfortable in giving and receiving lots of affection as a sugar baby. This doesn't necessarily mean sex, although keep in mind that intimacy is something that most older wealthy men want. Be prepared for cuddling, kisses, holding hands and general closeness just like a regular romantic relationship would have. He is really going to appreciate the affection coming from you on occasion.

    Listen to your sugar daddy

    Although a sugar baby and daddy relationship is pretty casual, you should be there to listen to him if he wants to vent. Sometimes he just wants somebody to talk to so lend a ear and be on hand to give advice if this is what he wants. Don't get deep unless he starts off the conversation of course! You need to be everything that he wants so look for the signs and just listen to what he is telling you.

    Be grateful

    When you first meet your sugar daddy, you will both discuss what you want from the relationship and are also willing to give in return. He will reward you when he sees fit so always make sure that you are grateful for what he provides whether that be gifts of money. Unless he is not keeping promise on his end of the bargain, you should not beg for more money or act bratty. If you are having issues with the arrangement, talk things through like adults.


    The steps that have been mentioned will make you into a sugar baby that he will want to stick around for a long time. How you look is important but it isn't everything. It's important that you let your personality shine through and treat him well. Keep him happy and the rewards you want are sure to follow. If the sugar baby lifestyle is something you are interested in, give it a try today.

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