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  • How Does Sugar Baby Date With Sugar Daddy During The New Coronavirus? posted on May 28, 2020 by Admin

    The use of modern technology (instant messaging, video chats, etc.) has made it possible for a sugar baby to date their sugar daddy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Without this modernization of our world, the SB/SD world would not have been able to survive it as well as it has.

    Even though SugarDaddyMeet has been around since 2007, the Coronavirus is nothing anyone could be prepared for and it is not like anything we have ever experienced. Many sugar babies and sugar daddies have doubted whether this would impact their relationship, but the strongest relationships have prospered thanks to embracing a creative approach.

    We have decided that it’s time to shed some light on how a sugar baby can continue to date their sugar daddy despite the pandemic that we’re facing. Hopefully, this will help many more SB/SD relationships prosper during these difficult times.

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    The Obvious: Staying in Touch with Instant Messages Prevents a Disconnect

    The great part about sugar daddy dating websites is that they provide you with the opportunity to embrace a modern form of communication. The most simple approach is to use messaging in order to stay in touch not only during the times we face but even when all of this is over.

    •Embrace the opportunity to learn more about the other.

    There are times when it’s more comfortable to ask or share certain things via text (or instant messaging in this case) than it is in person. This truly opens the door to being able to learn things about the other that you might not have been able to learn any other way.

    Not to mention, it’s a more effective form of communication as it’s able to be done around the other person’s schedule. Plus, you can even share details about certain things while they’re at the top of your mind instead of just letting them slip away because you simply forgot.

    •Proof of commitment remains there even if not in person.

    To show commitment, it is a time where we need to share our lives with the one that we share a relationship with. It’s a time where we can think about things and dig deeper into the true meaning of life and how we can make the most of it from here on out.

    It’s a time where we not only stay connected but a time where we can learn much more about ourselves and use it to fuel our personal growth as well as growth within the relationships that we’re in. You would d be surprised how much can change if you embrace this opportunity.

    •Staying connected is critical for any relationship.

    One of the most common reasons that sugar baby and sugar daddy relationships fail during the Coronavirus is a lack of communication. Lives have changed as we’re forced to stay at home, especially when we find ourselves faced with the fact that it might be harder to stay in touch.

    It really doesn’t have to be this way, as using IMs that can be embraced on a website like allow you to stay in touch when you can fit it in your schedule. There’s no use in letting a relationship fail when you can substitute in-person meets with a simple text.

    Taking It a Step Further: Video Chats Unlock Limitless Opportunities

    While chats are great, there is no true substitution to physically communicating with the other half in your SB/SD relationship. Below are some great ways that you can use video chats to deliver strength to your relationship, even if it’s impossible to meet up in person.

    •A physical presence delivers much more of an impact.

    Sure, it’s great to get on a phone call or chat via IMs, nothing is as awesome as having a physical presence on both ends of the conversation. It’s able to deliver much more of an impact as there’s minimal chance for miscommunication and it’s like physically meeting up.

    •Dinner dates don’t stop, even during a crisis.

    In fact, this is one of the most common adaptations that we have seen during COVID-19 and sugar babies as well as sugar daddies are really enjoying the approach. Using the video function here at SugarDaddyMeet is a great way to have a dinner date without having to postpone it.

    •Last, but not least, it’s a great way to end the day.

    When the long day has reached its end, what better way to end it than it is to meet up with your SD or SB? While everyone has their own preference as to how they would be able to make the most of these moments before bedtime, surely it will get those gears in your head turning.

    The Bottom Line: Embracing adaptation is the key to a strong relationship.

    There are two options that we have to face amidst the Coronavirus and it can teach one a lot about embracing a stronger relationship despite tough circumstances. If you adapt (as you can by embracing modern tech), you will come out stronger in the end and your relationship will show the difference. If you don’t harness the opportunity, it could very well slip away quicker than you might think.

    By using the tips above, you’ll be able to open yourself to a different way of thinking. Thankfully it’s a lot easier to do as we have continued to innovate the way that we pursue our daily lives. We’re all in this together, and this serves as proof that we have to let unpredictable circumstances let the relationships we value become damaged by not being able to go out on a traditional date. Innovation wins.

    Curious about

    Since 2007, SugarDaddyMeet has continued to serve only the top 20 richest countries in the world which led us to be able to connect both sugar babies and sugar daddies to priceless opportunities. You can think of us as the most exquisite websites of our kind. We have taken our approach and combined it with the best technology to ensure that no matter what, you remain connected.

  • Why Many Girls Choose to Become Sugar Babies During COVID-19 posted on May 18, 2020 by Admin

    Half of the world's population is quarantined because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This context has radically changed people's daily lives. We are obliged to be locked in our homes and can only go out to buy food, buy medicines or go to the hospital if we are sick. There are some details that vary by country, but fundamentally quarantine means confinement and limitations on our freedom. Quarantine has had a significant impact on human behavior. Such is so many girls who have decided to become a sugar baby, to live an opulent life thanks to a sugar daddy. This decision may seem surprising, but in reality it is a logical and smart decision, due to the circumstances we are experiencing. In this context of confinement there are many factors that lead a girl to decide to become a sugar baby. We will then examine them carefully.

    Labour crisis

    Due to confinement, millions of girls have lost their jobs and therefore have no income. Many of them have been financially sustained by savings, but that money is running out and they need to generate income right now. Unfortunately there are no jobs available at the moment due to the pandemic. That's why many girls would like to be by the side of a rich man who allows them to have a high standard of living, so as not to have to live this economic despair. In this context, many girls have become a sugar baby to leave behind these financial deficiencies. A sugar daddy is a solution to their problems, someone who will give them everything they need.


    One of the most notable features of this confinement is that there is a lot of free time. Girls who have decided to become a sugar baby have had the time to assess this situation. They have come to the conclusion that the best thing that can happen to them is to know a sugar daddy who can support them financially. Now they have time to know a sugar daddy through different apps and be able to access a luxurious life. She will be able to chat for hours with his favorite sugar daddy, to get to know him more and better.


    This confinement has condemned us to extreme boredom: we cannot go out to have fun, we cannot visit our friends, we cannot travel anywhere, etc. In this context, the girls are having a hard time. If they have financial problems, lockdown and boredom are worse. They know they'd be better off next to a sugar daddy. Confinement also negatively affects the lives of rich men, as the limitations of confinement are for everyone. However, the reality indicates that confinement is rather less difficult if you're a millionaire. Rich men are locked in their mansions enjoying an excellent standard of living, knowing that when this is over they will be able to do what they want again, without having their economies destroyed. Logically the girls know that if they become a sugar baby they will also be able to live a luxurious life. Also, standing next to a sugar daddy is a good way to ensure an opulent life in the event of another pandemic.


    Many girls lived a normal life before quarantine: she had a good job, went to college and went out with her friends to have fun. Overnight, they lost their jobs, ran out of money, can't go to college and can't go dancing at the trendy night club. This situation creates enormous distress in them and they decide to make a big change in their lives: to become a sugar baby. They never imagined being a sugar baby, but this context conducive them to choose to be a sugar baby. They know that being with a sugar daddy will always have strong financial support. They don't want to have money problems again, so they want to be with their sugar daddy.

    They have a lot to give

    Girls have a lot to make a sugar daddy happy: youth, beauty, vitality, freshness, energy, joy, etc. They are also smart girls who decide to capitalize on all the good stuff in them. They can live a luxurious life thanks to a sugar daddy willing to give them everything they want. Wealthy men live under stressful situations because they do big business that makes them a lot of money. For that they must do everything right and logically businesses generate tension. That's why they need so much the company of a beautiful sugar baby to relieve their pressures. A sugar daddy will be happy to be able to financially support his sugar baby and will do his best to be with her.

    Leaving prejudices behind

    Fortunately society is leaving behind old prejudices that only meddle in people's private lives. A girl who's a sugar baby doesn't care about other people's opinion.

    Thanks to this difficult quarantine, many girls discovered that they can avoid the dire consequences of confinement and access a dream life. They decided to become a sugar baby to better withstand quarantine thanks to the financial support of a sugar daddy who is willing to fulfill all her wishes. They decided to choose to stand next to a man for convenience. Quarantine made them see how difficult it is to have financial problems and that's why they chose to be a sugar baby. They left romanticism behind and opted for financial well-being. Rich men need to be with a sugar baby to feel powerful. They need each other and together they have a great time.

    Reasons for success

    The reasons why a link between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby works is because they both know what they want and agree to satisfy each other. During quarantine many girls suffered financial hardship and many rich men suffered loneliness and boredom. When a sugar daddy and a sugar baby agree to support each other, they both benefit. They leave prejudice behind and are dedicated to having a good time together. Everything that happens between them is consensual. It is a bond without hypocrisy, where both are satisfied.

    Sugar Dating

    Sugar dating is a type of adult and consensual relationship where both parties agree to meet each other's needs. Although some point out that this link lacks legal values, the reality is that sugar dating is an ethical agreement, because it is based on the will of two people, a sugar baby and a sugar daddy. Nobody forces someone to do something they don't want to do. They have that kind of bond because that's how they chose it. Quarantine intensified affective and financial needs and sugar dating meets both needs. The reality is that each of them needed something and an adult arrangement was able to meet those needs.


    Sugar dating is a kind of very sincere relationship where both sides expose what they want and agree to give it to each other so that they both benefit. Many relationships have the same characteristics as sugar dating but they pretend it's all about love. The reality is that rich men like to be with a beautiful girl and girls need financial support from them. The sugar dating is ethical and sincere, no one is deceived. A sugar baby and a sugar daddy know what they want and expose it without guilt. They are much more sincere than many "normal" couples.


    Sugar dating allows to fulfill the desire of many girls to be treated as princesses. It also fulfills the desire of rich men: to feel powerful next to a young girl. To fulfill her wishes he must become a sugar daddy and she, a sugar baby. Everything must be consensual, no one can force another to do what they don't want. Each exposes what they want and the other will analyze whether they can make a deal. If they agree, they can satisfy each other, without harming anyone. This is an adult agreement, where both sides know what they have to do to make that deal work for both of us.


    Quarantine intensified emotional and financial needs that a type of relationship like sex dating can meet. A lot of girls saw her life crumble because of confinement. She was left without a job, with no money, no chance of having fun and having a good time. Rich men can better withstand quarantine, but they still feel lonely and stressed. The girls decided to become a sugar baby, who can access a luxurious life thanks to the generosity of a sugar daddy. They only have to agree to satisfy each other, leaving prejudices behind, without having to explain to anyone. Everything that happens between them is consensual and that's why they are honest with themselves and the other. They come to an agreement and know what they have to do to make everything work well and they can have a great time as possible.

    These types of links are becoming more popular thanks to the honesty between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy.

  • How to Welcome a Sugar Sister? posted on Jan 05, 2020 by Admin

    The world is erotic, so does the people residing in it. As a sugar baby, the world is yours. But what happens when you have to share that which you thought was for you alone with a sugar sister, how will you cope with that? Taking in a sugar sister is a mutual agreement between you and your sugar daddy. However, this takes a lot of getting used to, as you will need to figure out how you will go about things to avoid creating a scene or making irrational moves.

    In the dating world, this can hardly be avoided. As a sugar baby, there will come a time when your sugar daddy might decide to bring some other sugar baby to become your sugar sister. This simply means that you should well be informed ahead about how you will welcome this sugar sister without making a fuss. Of course, this can be hard! But there are certain things you can do to make the whole process as easy and comfortable as possible. Right here, we will be sharing how you can welcome a sugar sister, make her feel comfortable, and keep them happy and erotic moody.

    1. Find Time To Discuss About Her With Your Sugar Daddy

    The first thing you will want to do in this case is to find a way to be carried along with the whole process because you won't like to be left in the dark with no ideas of what is going on between your sugar daddy and the supposed sugar sister. With this in mind, you need to sit down and talk to your sugar daddy about her.

    By discussing with your sugar daddy, you will be able to know about her through him, what he likes about her, what makes him so interested in her and why he wants to keep her to himself despite having you around. Getting to understand this might take some time and might be quite difficult. But good communication will open doors to all that seems to be closed to you.

    While doing this, you need to also make your sugar daddy doesn't feel uncomfortable with your questions. Make him understand the fact that you are asking because you care, and that you plan to build a solid foundation for your future relationship together.

    2. Arrange A Meet-up With Your Sugar Daddy And Sugar Sister

    Getting to meet her in person is a sign of good fate and that you are comfortable with her being around. Ideally, this meet-up should be short and precise. Get a place where you could grab a quick coffee together. This bold step is quite awkward, but it will help you understand what's going on better, how to embrace the situation at hand, and get over it the fastest way possible.

    On meeting your sugar baby, you need to try as much as possible to keep things cool by being respectful. Never try to flaunt the fact that you are already his present sugar baby and that you own his heart, stay away from your usual expensive jokes with him and don't put it out to her that you head over heels in love and sexually involved with your sugar daddy. This will piss her off and you don't want to start a war before your enemy makes the first attack.

    After the quick meet and you are about to go your separate ways, let her understand the fact that you are happy to meet her in person and that you will like to be seeing her around often. When this is done, you can then end with a hug to show you are friendly and confirm your kind gestures.

    3. The Both of You Should Hang Out

    Peradventure you were able to keep things in line after your first meeting with your POT sugar sister and daddy and after subsequent dates together, you can suggest you do an only girls date. Here, you will be going on a date with her without your sugar daddy or his interference. With this, you will be able to get to know her better and make her feel comfortable around. The fact is, you might find this quite uncomfortable, but you just can't afford to do it if you want to still keep your sugar daddy.

    4. Understand That This Might Be Awkward

    There is no denying that this won't be awkward. You will find this quite uncomfortable and way out of what you should do. But if you can do all of these and make your sugar sister feel comfortable around you, in no time you will become close with each other and begin to act like sisters. After that comes the fantasies of sharing the same Man.

    5. Exchange Contact Info

    For you to get her contact info, you don't need to get along well. Provided you are on a good talking ground with her, you need to have her contact details and message her. With this, you will be able to text her and call her whenever you please. This will prevent you from having to ask your sugar daddy before fixing up something with her or seeing her.

    6. Focus On Your Mental Health

    During this time, you need to keep your mental health in line. Depression is a common case when it comes to welcoming a sugar sister. While doing this, you need to make sure you are aware of your mental health.

  • How to Date an Asian Sugar Baby? posted on Dec 26, 2019 by Admin

    Enjoying a date is always exciting and a lot of fun. That’s especially true if you are dating a sugar baby and more specifically an Asian sugar baby can be very intriguing and interesting. What you really want to do is to find a way to just enjoy the experience and also make her feel good. It’s a good idea to make the date fun and quirky, once you do that the results can be great and you can have a lot of fun.

    Why should you date an Asian sugar baby?

    Asian women are known to be very respectful and passionate in just about everything they do. They are also very dependable and on time, which is very exciting to say the least. An Asian sugar baby will make you feel special and she will guide you through the location if you’re in her region. That, combined with the fact that they know English quite well is what really makes them incredible as a whole. You will be quite amazed with the results and the approach that you get will be second to none every time in a situation.

    When you date the Asian sugar baby, you will have a lot of fun understanding her culture and also connecting with the local region. This is something amazing, unique and which you will like quite a lot just because it’s so distinctive and different no matter the situation. You should definitely consider dating an Asian sugar baby just because it’s so exciting, rewarding and extremely relatable that you do want to just check it out and have fun with it, since you will enjoy it.

    Respect her as much as possible

    Dating the Asian sugar baby might seem tricky at first, but it all comes down to understanding her, the nationality and what she likes. Respect is everything and it will make a sugar dating experience work. As long as you show her that you just want to have fun and enjoy the experience, it will be well worth it and that’s what you will like the most in a situation like this. Just try to use that to your advantage and if you handle it right then this will be a great experience.

    Have fun and try out new things

    Preparing some great and rewarding activities is going to work well with the Asian sugar baby experience. At the end of the day, you just want to immerse yourself into this and just enjoy every moment. It won’t always be simple to do that, but if you actually do it right, things will get better and better, and you will certainly have fun with it no matter what might happen.

    You just need to know what you like, what activities are great and exciting, and when you do it right this will be very immersive and interesting. Is it a challenge to date an Asian sugar baby? Maybe, if you don’t know anything about her culture and ideas. But when you get to meet her and plan out a great night for the two of you, then it will be worth it.

    Financial expectations

    Every Asian sugar baby has financial expectations. A lot of men tend to say that they are millionaires when they really aren’t. That’s why you need to be trustworthy and to show her the truth. Just because you’re not a millionaire that doesn’t mean the Asian sugar baby will end up not going out with you. Just try to take your time, understand that and it will certainly be very interesting and distinctive. As long as you’re honest when it comes to how much you can pay her per date or per month, things will be a lot better and you will have better results as a whole all the time. Just make sure that you know what you are getting into and what you can expect.

    Don’t ask for her appreciation

    While you could do that, it’s not always the best approach, so try to take that into account and the results will be good. It’s a good idea to do whatever you can in order to make her happy. Every tiny gesture matters for the Asian sugar baby, and that’s what you want to focus on. Whether she appreciates it or not, that’s up to her, you shouldn’t force her to like anything in a situation like this. Use the approach to your advantage and the results themselves can be more than ok.

    Be creative and come up with new ideas

    Women like creativity and they always enjoy that on a date. When you learn how to date an Asian sugar baby, your focus has to be on amazing her and doing things out of the ordinary. Once you know all of that, it will be a lot easier to obtain all the results you want, so try to think about that and if you tackle this correctly, the experience itself can be among some of the best.

    Have patience

    You shouldn’t rush the Asian sugar baby into something that she is not prepared for. Make sure that you know her stance about a particular topic or idea if you want to tackle this in a proper manner. Use that to your own advantage and you will like the way everything unfolds. As long as you do that you will be fine.


    In the end, the idea to date an Asian sugar baby is always an exciting one. But there are challenges, so you need patience and you need to fully take your time to make this as exciting and as fun as possible. You should make things as interesting and as comfortable as possible. If you know how to do this correctly, the results will be great. But you need to get past all those challenges and if you do it right, the payoff can be very rewarding all the time. Rest assured that dating an Asian sugar baby is always cool and different, so you should pursue the idea.

  • Get a Sugar Daddy via Freestyle or Sugar Daddy Websites – Which Way Is Better? posted on Aug 12, 2019 by Admin


    Nowadays only two ways to get a sugar daddy are identified:

    1) Meet a sugar daddy via freestyle, meaning you convert a rich man in real life into your sugar daddy.

    2) Find a sugar daddy on the Internet, meaning you join a sugar daddy dating site.

    Now the question is: Which way is more effective?

    Pros of establishing secret arrangements via freestyle:

    A) You have to attend upscale events in order to meet wealthy men, so you will enjoy more extravagant activities.

    B) Some sugar babies choose to meet rich guys by working for successful companies – in this case, their careers will improve as well.

    C) You have to improve your social and conversational skills if you decide to meet a sugar daddy via freestyle; therefore, you will become a more charismatic person.

    Cons of seeking secret benefits via freestyle:

    A) It’s not efficient because usually it takes a lot of time to meet wealthy guys in real life, and then you have to convince them so they might become your sugar daddies.

    B) It’s much harder to keep an arrangement confidential if you meet a sugar daddy via freestyle, as chances are in real life other people know you and this millionaire guy.

    C) Your options are limited – how many legitimate sugar daddies can you meet per year via freestyle?

    D) It’s difficult to keep your secret if you try to meet sugar daddies via freestyle. For example, let’s say you are a school teacher and you would like to have another income stream by being a sugar baby (because we all know that teachers are not well paid). Then when you dress up like Marilyn Monroe and try to start conversations with millionaire men at luxury parties, how do you know your neighbor, your boss and your students’ parents are not there?

    Pros of joining sugar daddy dating websites:

    A) You can quickly meet real sugar daddies. Please note that every generous member on a sugar daddy dating site has to pay a relatively high membership fee, so if someone is a salt daddy, he probably wouldn’t pay a membership fee in the first place. That means sugar daddy dating sites are an organic filter which only keeps legitimate sugar daddies in the database.

    B) You have unlimited opportunities to make it happen. Well-known sugar daddy sites such as Sugar Daddy Meet and Seeking have a large number of rich guys for you to choose. And they are already looking for sugar babies like you, which means these generous members are eligible leads. Therefore, you may meet 10 high-value candidates in a week, and that’s very efficient. Better still, in order to find quality, quantity matters. Hence, you are much more likely to get a high-quality and generous man on a sugar daddy dating website.

    C) Everything is confidential. When you use a sugar daddy site, nobody knows who you are. You don’t even have to tell anyone your real name because you can create a sugar name for yourself. This is the perfect way to protect your identity and keep your own secret.

    D) Most rich men looking for sugar babies wouldn’t do it in real life because these wealthy men have high status – they want to protect their own reputation and privacy. So, they are much more likely to look for arrangements online – you don’t need to convince them on the Internet.

    Cons of meeting sugar daddies online:

    A) You will compete with many sugar babies because every sugar daddy site has more men than women. Consequently, you will have to proactively contact sugar daddies first.

    B) You have to create an outstanding dating profile with very good photos; otherwise, it’s not easy to get a sugar daddy online.


    In light of the above analysis, it can be seen that finding a sugar daddy on a sugar daddy dating website is better than getting a sugar daddy via freestyle. Thus, as long as you are willing to send messages to rich guys online and invest in your dating profile photos, you will get a sugar daddy in record time.

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