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  • Who gets sugar first: Daddy or Baby?

    The risk as a Daddy is that the baby will take the $ and run. This creates a "quit while you're ahead" mentality in her. Even though she knows she will never see another dime from you, at least she got it for nothing and could only lose her gain on the deal if she gives you any of her precious sugar.

    On the other hand legitimate Babies fear the "Salt Daddy". If she is a bad judge of character and she does not get sugar before intimacy, she cannot enforce the obligation forcibly.

    I am too nice and pretty much always roll the dice. I've had 2(more)

  • Finally found a SB a real one and lessons learned.

    Yes I met up with a real SB, a college student, in the era of Covid. Why? 2 reasons; sites like this open up opportunities for thieves. Fake SBs can use Covid as an excuse for never meeting, or lure you into thinking that a meet up will happen. I mean what's the point of having a SB if you can't see her? Are some of us really at the point of paying someone just to talk? Online? Or risk sending someone money just to get ghosted? Isn't there supposed to be a correlation between SD/SB and dating? I enjoy proving the online only SBs wrong, they're not the only fish in the se(more)

  • Honey for your thoughts

    Hello again, Another throwback, as some of these will be, There's this place somewhere near or in Denmark, I can't quite remember, But it has Honey everything and Dedicates its time to Bees, I thought it was so cool. Honey wine (not that I drink) Honey ice cream, and honey/Bee everything. and these displays were beautiful.

  • Wrong or right?

    Im B. 48 single white male. I work hard,. I'd like to think I'm sexy with a fun and spontaneous attitude. I'm in shape with a nice toned body. I'm thin but cut and well endowed with great staminaand the sex drive of a 25 year old. That's how I feel, 25. I dont even look at women my aģe. I'm 100 % attracted to young , beautiful women. I don't see any problem whatsoever with having an intense and passionate affair with an 18 year old young woman. 20-25 is ideal however a mature 18 is great.I think young women are so attractive and the most beautiful beings on the planet(more)

  • An SD's Guide To Sugaring - Part 1 cont.: Sugaring & Safety!

    1. Your potential SD should always offer to pay for the date, regardless of what it is. Usually it's coffee, lunch or dinner, a walk around downtown or a very public park, whatever you both agree on. Your potential SD should also offer to pay for gas or your public transportation fare, but that's going to be twenty bucks or less in almost every case, and expecting more than that is bad form. It also gives off bad vibes to SD who will see it as you are out to get as much money as possible from them. Refer back to my opening about what an SR is. Yes, it's about financial(more)

  • An SD's Guide To Sugaring - Part 1: Sugaring & Safety!

    What is a sugar relationship?

    Regardless of what you might have heard from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or other social media influencers, sugar relationships are NOT platonic, online-only, or a place to sell your pictures and videos. There's a ton of influencers driving young women to these Sugar Relationship (SR) platforms with promises of easy money for doing nothing more than chatting with lonely older men, maybe selling some pictures of your feet, or at worst, maybe a little nude cam action.

    Nothing (more)

  • What my type of Online Relationship is

    **Online does not always mean sexual. Nothing sexual for me*** You're probably thinking, "scam!" or "Gold Digger!" or something along those lines.I kid you not, I would probably think the same thing. But many times, people like me look for online relationships because that is what they are comfortable with. No, I don't ask for money the first day. No, I don't take your money and disappear (contrary to popular belief). I always develop a good connection before asking for any type of financial assistance. Until I am comfortable enough with the person I am talking to, I will(more)

  • Relationships before sugar

    It's the one thing all sugar babies focus on. The money. The aspect of receiving cash in exchange for a relationship is basically what a sugar relationship is. In other words, attention, conversation, and good times, is given by the baby to the Daddy, in exchange for the Daddy's money. But I believe that before any cash exchange should come good, solid conversations or texting! A solid connection is definitely a big aspect of these types of relationships. Money should never be asked for after one day of chatting. Trust should always be established, as well as a clear u(more)

  • How "sugar" in sugar relationships goes for me

    In a previous post, I talked about having a good connection with your Daddy before exchanging cash. Now, I'll be sharing about how I like to receive my sugar. RECEIVING SUGAR: I have a Venmo account, so 90% of the time I receive my sugar there. However, I also like receiving gifts on my Amazon Wishlist. CLOTHES AND JEWELRY: As far as clothing, I love receiving money to buy new clothes. I will find something I like online, and send a picture of it to my Daddy. Then he'll usually send me Venmo cash to buy it. When the new clothes/jewelry arrive at my house, I like doing "m(more)

  • From this to that!

    I've always been attracted to modestly dressed , plain Jane types with glasses and very little make up. Women who are well spoken and proper when out in public on a date. Slowly through the evening becoming frisky, daring and out spoken. Touching, kissing, and driving one another crazy with temptation throughout the night. By the time I GET her home she is so fired up. I cannot believe the sexually explicit things she is saying to me and erotic demands she making of me. I comply and do everything I can to keep her happy. I love this change up in a woman when it's time for i(more)

  • "first date gift? crystals!"

    For my first date gift I mentioned crystals because I love collecting rocks, fossils, stones, etc... The pandemic blocked my dream of attending the Tucson Gem, Rock & Mineral Show! I had been looking forward to my attendance until it subsequently canceled. Hopefully I can attend the day the show is brought back. P.S. I'm more a fossil lovin' than diamond kind of girl ;-)

  • Get to know me <3

    Hi I'm Chachi! I'm 24 from the NYC/NJ area. I love to read and binge a lot of tv. I went through a quarantine baking phase. Pre-Covid, I loved going to concerts, brunch, or any reason to get dressed up with my friends. I miss the nightlife and traveling. I'm new to the app and just trying to figure out if its worth it to stay on here. Looking for a companion/partner who is kind, smart, attentive and sweet. Most importantly who can match my energy. I check my messages about every other day. P.S. : I'm a real person, I promise. Scout's Honour.

  • Finding SB's to share success is not easy during Covid?

    It seems like having a conversation on this site is like trying to talk with someone in a dark alley. SB’s don’t seem to trust things I say. I am a genuine successful fit guy that wants to share my success with someone. I try to be genuine but without context or a personal reference, if I am not perfect in everything I say, they seem to assume I must be a scammer or worse. Well, I am not! I am one of the kindest, caring, and thoughtful guys on the planet but trying to convince someone of that here when I am a stranger to them is harder than making a living. People have (more)

  • a smol trying to get some lovin'

    i know i'm not perfect, but it's not too much i'm asking for: just a decent companion to give me affection and love.. time and time again, fate has shown me that life is no fairy tale and that i will not find my prince charming. every daddy i've had has stabbed me in the back. the last daddy i had repeatedly kicked me out, threatened me and hurt me mentally. i just wish to find someone who will appreciate me and spoil me. and in return, there will be endless love owo

  • fall bluess

    why are you sad? just cheer up. blah blah blah fall is always the month i struggle with the most. my mood just drops more and my energy is meh.. but i keep myself cheerfulish with my smol shows or sometimes romance/horror movies or shows, just depends what i wanna watch. but i always have all my stuffed animals with me and my pillows. it would be nice to have someone to get me out of the house tho.. walking in nature boosts my mood better, but the coldness and less sunlight hours suck uwuu

  • vampire daddy..take me away

    I've been searching for what feels like an eternity to cross paths with you. I've looked everywhere for you, in every dark den, in every dark corner of a seedy dive bar––I search for you. I imagine brushing up against you in a crowded goth venue locking eyes with you, the magnetism would consume us both. I fantasize about being engulfed in your passionate death grip to be possessed by your seduction, it kills me how bad I want you. I need to be devoured by your deadly kisses, your bite, your tongue and bloody kisses all over my body––I need it. I can't think, I fo(more)

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