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  • Halloween Passions - Reward For Popular Social Media Celebs!

    Do you have a large social media presence and want to get your freak on this Halloween? Seen too many ghosts and ghouls this year and looking for a sugar daddy to liven things up instead? Join the Halloween Celebrity Festival @SugarDaddyMeet and get FREE membership! How to participate:

    1. copy and repost this picture to your Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media sites
    3. add these two tags: #sugardaddymeet #halloweenmore)

  • Never send money electronically. Cash is king!

    The saying goes "a fool and his money are soon parted" and it's very true. If you do have to send gas money, send it through Paypal (goods & services) you can dispute it after a few days if they don't show up, and get your money returned. If using Venmo or cashapp, you would have to dispute through your bank which is very difficult. I had one girl ask for $25 in gas money up front. She was 4-5 miles away. Who doesn't have half a gallon of gas in their car? Think with the right head guys.

  • Safety for the ladies.

    This should go without saying, but many don't follow. Don't use your real last name, or your real first name if it's unique! Don't give your insta or other links either! From this your real name, family's names, etc can be easily found. Once you're seriously dating someone it may be OK to share as you build a relationship. Otherwise you are just asking for trouble! Be safe ladies, it's a crazy world out there....

  • Ladies pay attention

    Just a few pointers for the ladies on here who are serious on here.

    1. Meet in a public place. This does not include a hotel. Reason for a public place is simple it gives you an out if you don't like the guy or don't feel safe.
    2. When filling out your profile put a city or town next to your actual town. You don't want stalkers showing up at the grocery store you shop at or worse yet, your front door when you didn't invite them.
    3. If you plan to meet, be on time. Our time is just as valuable as yours.
    4. This is meeting site, not a place for you to ge(more)

  • Tonight the perfect PPM night for me

    I am ready to meet my next new SB tonight hopefully with a view to an ongoing arrangement if we click... I have made so many wonderful friendships to date thanks to SDM and it's great to see my SB progress in life along the way. The best SB are at times the ones who just say ok i'm there! Don't procrastinate just do what the reason your on the site for in the first place. Go with your "gut instinct" you will be right almost all the time if you do.. So whos rent, rego or unexpected bill needs to be paid for this evening? Maybe i can help:)

  • ~

    I choose to not have a public picture, simply because majority of you men are very shallow. I know I look good and I bring my own table to the court. REAL connections are rare and I believe I'm 1 of 1 and who I choose to spend my time with should feel the same about themselves. Respecting a partner for who they are brings value into any relationship. If you want to exchange sx for money then please hit your nearest back alley. Stay Sugary BABY ;*BRE

  • New to the SD/sb world. Wish for s/b friends

    Hello and thank you for the time taken to look/read through this blog. I am new to the whole world of SD/sb. I joined the site out of boredom. In the first month or so of joining this site, I made the time to actually go on two lunch dates. Without getting way into what occurred,will just say that on both dates I felt no connection or attraction and therefore no second date was called for.Am looking to better understand the intricacies or structure of this life choice. But rather than learning about it from the SD point of view, I wish to learn about it from the s/b point o(more)


    Alot of men are surprise when they find out I’m really 18yrs old I ain’t a scam! I came on this app too find someone not only just for money but I want another partner too show me stuff I haven’t experience .✨ “im sorry if I reply late I check it time too time because I get a lot of scams😞..”

  • Don't Gas-up your profile

    My true frustration is when I meet a lady who has an excellent resume in her profile and her personality doesn't match up when I meet her. This has happened quiet a few times. In some cases the open minded, fun and cheeky lady as mentioned in her profile just doesn't show any signs of them even after an hour or so of me continually talking to keep the conversation going. I understood that this has happened a lot wherein the girls just put big words in their profile and don't live up to them.

    • Show genuine interest in the man
    • He's not just an ATM for you
    • (more)

  • Best Trip with a Sugar Babe - Cairns

    This is a short post about the best trip I have had so far with a sugar babe. It was with the person I talked about in my previous blog post. We had been seeing each other regularly for about 6 months and felt comfortable and trusting enough to go on a short holiday. We chose Cairns as someplace I had not been before for a long weekend. I booked us into the Shangri-La right on the waterfront. Our first day there was; we went on an all day scuba diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Now, keep in mind that I don't know how to swim; but she insisted that we go and promi(more)

  • My First Sugar Baby Experience

    My first sugar baby was found on this very site 4.5 years ago (Nov 2015). When I joined this site; I had no idea what a sugar baby / daddy relationship meant or involved or how it worked, etc, etc. I don't even remember why I joined this site. I signed up for a month subscription to see what it is like - more curious than anything else. I like to think I've been raised to respect other people - so started contacting others with a nicely thought out message.

    It was pretty demotivating at the start when you receive messages back from girls and the first (more)

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