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  • I wanna talk.

    Today has been interesting but at the same time, kind of boring. I need entertainment!! I want to entertain!! Quarantine suuuuckkss I hope I get to go back to work soon. I miss working with the kids, but I know it's safer for them to stay home during this epidemic. I hope and pray they're all doing okay.

  • NEW AND LONELY: First blog

    Today is my first day on this site and I'm excited to explore the community more! Utilizing other social media apps hasn't been very helpful.Anyways, today I took a mini photo shoot, I'd post more but I'm not sure what's allowed on here and I don't want to jeopardize my profile. I hope this post will get some love though! Tell me I didn't do my hair for nothing! forgive the frizziness >.<

  • Hello Sugar

    I'm Kayc ( kay -see), New to this site and figured, well why not live the best life. I love to live each day like it's my last and bring joy and happiness to people all around me. i have morals and respect and value myself. I spread joy and happiness all around me. Good Vibes and good energy are definitely something the world needs more of. Lets meet and laugh and see the world.

  • Share Your Valentine’s Day Thoughts to Win Our Contest!

    Complete this sentence: “The best love song ever written is ______.”
    Post the title of your favorite love song below and you’re entered to win.

    Complete this sentence: “My most romantic movie is ______.”
    Post the title of your favorite love story below and you’re entered to win.

    Finish this: “The most romantic date I’ve ever been on was ______.”
    Share some details about your date below and you’re enter(more)

  • Age Verification- Be safe and smart SD's

    I cringe every time an "18" year old asks if I want nudes and to not ever meet. For some this might be what they are hoping for because they enjoy looking at pictures. All of the guys doing this help to do 2 things, one make women lazy and unwilling to meet, and two put themselves at risk for possible jail time. Every guy on here should want to meet the women they are contacting. The reason for this is solid, age VERIFICATION. Most of the female profiles are not age verified, so I would put myself at risk by not performing my own due diligence and verifying a woman's age(more)

  • Stressed to the max!

    Im stressing out over the tiniest things. Im trying to figure out how I am going to get presents for people this year. I haven't celebrated Christmas since I was under ten years of age, and I never bought present for anyone because I never wanted to buy people presents. This year I have so many people who entered my life and I can't afford to show them how much it meant to me! They say don't worry about it, but in all honesty its what worries me the most!!!

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