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  • Online Sugardaddy

    I have traveled through every state in the US and have been to every country in South America. I love Caracao. I am an upcoming music artist currently in college. I am looking for someone to help me grow my company and also enjoy spending free time with. I want to start this online in order to grow a bit of trust upfront. I also model, produce, play piano and guitar, sing & write, have a small refurbishing company, am working towards opening a car dealership, and also have my own small pattens in the design field of residential remodeling. Contact me if you want a funny,(more)

  • Domination

    So to be clear, what I want is control. But why do men like me want control? Probably because of the chaos and lack of control in their daily lives. More curious is why do women want to be controlled. If you ask a room full of women if the have watched or read shades of grey most will put their hands up. Ask a room full of men the same question and you will be lucky to find one. But at root the reason is similar I suspect. In lives filled with chaos a little certainty is pleasing. Sensually exciting even. And role playing is always fun, is it not?


    So I(more)

  • Meetups from a Daddy's perspective

    "How do porcupines mate?" - "With great care"


    Perhaps this might be a good set of conventions for SD's and SB's alike.

    • The first meet is over tea/coffee, rather than a meal. Drinks are OK if both people are happy with that, but keep it public and sober as a general rule. The gentleman should offer a tea/coffee at first instance and not make the SB feel pressured to drink.
    • No money at first meeting - just meet and greet.
    • No intimacy at first meeting (that is not what a *real* SD is after).
    • If subsequent meeti(more)

  • have love and things.

    I hate to break it to you, but what people call "love" is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard then it slowly fades leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it. Your parents did it; your friends are doing it too. Break the cycle, rise above, focus on your goals. Don't give your heart away until that heart beats in the person you want to be.  are you there yet, can he take you there and show you the path. I can, and will put you up on a pedestal, shower you with gifts, and take you fine dining to wear that black dress that's been(more)

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