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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Belmont, Western Australia, Australia

Adult arcade baby!! Laid back not too much pressure!! Easy going, not too crowded. Maybe a friendly game (girl always has to win!) few cheeky cocktails see where the night goes. Or something spontaneous, that isn't a usual date.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Or along those lines but am open to other suggestions., East...

Dinner and drinks to get to know each other, explain what we are looking for and see if the connection is there. A place with a nice view would be amazing! And if we can enjoy the little bit of nice weather left with an outdoor experience I would be a happy girl 😌
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29, Female / Sugar Baby | Woodstock, Georgia, United States

Great food. Good laughs. Who knows where the night or evening will take us. Obviously every girls dream would be to see a man worth there time, bring flowers maybe go shopping after. 🛍woman like to be spoiled.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | California, San Diego, California, United States

Maybe lunch and a movie or the other way around. After we can cruise around, sightsee; maybe pick out a new/random place on a local map. Another idea is to right down 15 things we would like to go or do, close our eyes and pick where the day decides to take us.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Austin, Texas, United States

Going out to the mall shopping, a nice dinner and a movie. I love surprises! I also LOVE Starbucks and sweets! They're my weakness 🥰. We could also enjoy a nice long drive to learn about each other and appreciate one another's company.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Langley, British Columbia, Canada

For my first date I would love to just go to a super cute cafe, have some hot chocolate relax, talk and have some funn of course😛 Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxo Choa
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Anything planned is sexy. I'm down for dinner., drinks, the beach, even just a movie at home. I'm not picky, just happy to spend time together. Tell me where we're going and when to be ready, I'll love it!
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Anywhere, I'm not overly picky., Upland, California, United ...

Getting coffee or a late night drive. Getting coffee because who doesn't like coffee but also it's cute. Cars have always been apart of my life with that being said being in a car makes me happy. Love talking and getting to know the person I am with.
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Chicago, Illinois, United States

I love the museum I love art night lack knowledge, but I love knowing someone put their passion into something they love. Also , no one ever took me there so if someone do, we are soulmates ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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23, Female / Sugar Baby | Johnson City, Tennessee, United States

I'd like to message and pick a place we both would like but I also like surprise dates. We can have a few drinks if you'd like and eats some yummy food while talking and getting to know each other. Afterwards maybe we can get into something fun.
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28, Female / Sugar Baby | Brixham, England, United Kingdom

Something simple to start with like lunch until we get to know each other better. Then maybe fancy dining and beach dates. Not much of a drinker but I like wine. I will meet you there as I never get into someones car on the first date.
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25, Female / Sugar Baby | Tucson, Arizona, United States

Anything that we can have fun doing and getting to know each other. I just want us to go have fun no matter what it is as long as we get to know each other for the time being. I am not picky at all.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | St Louis, Missouri, United States

I'm very open, but I am NOT a booty call or an escort. If you are only looking for sex, I'm not your girl. lol! I like to be different and I don't want to do the same thing all the time. Dinner is nice to discuss the basics and see what we are both interested in and what we are looking for. We could maybe even do movies, bowling, maybe a walk downtown, etc. Let's just have fun and do something out of the norm:).
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I love fancy dinners and and a big sucker for romance, but I alos love simple things like a picnic in a park, Life is so beautiful that it should be enjoyed even in the most simple of moments, cheers to that
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Person: You ☺️ Place: Resteraunt with great drinks 🍸 Lets have a great conversation and good vibes! My Ideal Daddy is to the point My Focus is on Compatibility .…....................................
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | Albia, Iowa, United States

My ideal first date would be something simple like brunch, whether it's an indoor restaurant or a picnic at the park, it'll be very intimate. We can get to know one another without any distractions over a nice meal.
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20, Female / Sugar Baby | Davenport, Iowa, United States

Somewhere in public. Going out to a restaurant would be nice :) We could also go to somewhere in the downtown part of Davenport. I think that a public place is best simply because I have never used a website like this before. I am a little nervous.
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22, Female / Sugar Baby | anywhere, London, Ontario, Canada

We could get some drinks and get to know each other and see where the conversation leads us whether we somehow end up in a bedroom or for a drive or just at the cafe getting more drinks as long as you're having a good time I will be too.
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24, Female / Sugar Baby | Bear Creek, North Carolina, United States

I'm real laid back but I can be high maintenance at times. So I'm good with a simple to an upscaled date. From just an at home movie night or us cooking dinner to a full out 5 star restaurant close to a beach
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27, Female / Sugar Baby | Goodyear, Arizona, United States

I like the idea of a mom and pop coffees shop. I doubt it'll start raining as we sip on our cup of coffee, that would be too perfect. Light food as we chat. I also like empty bars, those are nice with big empty booths.

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