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34, Female / Sugar Baby | I dont really have a detailed address to give would be somet...

Just somewhere we can have a conversation and good time. bowling to be competitive or maybe dinner. I would say a movie but there's really no way to talk to each other going to a movie. But honestly anything that's entertaining and allows us to talk is fine.
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Newark, New Jersey, United States

Front row seats to bad bunny concert ... or I'd settle for any seats at a bad bunny concert ...I also like to go to wineries, or try new restaurants.. I love to explore new places in general .........
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Grand Prairie, Dallas, Texas, United States

Live music or a picnic, or even the library with tea. I desire mental stimulation and fun experiences. Love Perot museum on Thursdays!! I'm also a huge brunch lover, mimosa me anytime!! I'm also down for a simple walk in the park or cruise around the city.
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36, Female / Sugar Baby | Portsmouth, Virginia, United States

My ideal first date would be for us to go to an art show, museum, or sometime type of auto or sporting event, followed by drinks and dinner giving us the chance and opportunity to further get to know each other better
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30, Female / Sugar Baby | Reno, Nevada, United States

You buy me something to look good in, I show it off to you, while you show me off to the world. I've never had a reason to wear a fancy dress. Maybe you could give me one. Then you can decide if what I have to offer is worth your time. ;)
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | Northridge, California, United States

As long as it's you and me together having fun! I am open to any type of date that we both have a good time and is positive. I am very reliable and will not waste your time. You tell me when and where and I will be there.
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I'd love to go out to a cool bar and try some fun cocktails or nice wines and get to know one another! if that part goes well, maybe a walk around and ending up at one our places to continue the evening!
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38, Female / Sugar Baby | Chelsea, New York, United States

The ideal date for me would be a culinary adventure. I'd like to try new foods and beverages then end with some shopping. I'm a big foodie so that's definitely the way to my heart lol Looking forward to making memories.
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | north van capilano area, North Vancouver, British Columbia, ...

Somewhere private or something fun that allows us to get to know each other better, possibly grab a coffee and go for a walk along sea wall or something to do with astrology.. my new hobby and interest
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | 2870 LEVY RD, Hardeeville, South Carolina, United States

Something fun . With someone who doesn't play games and has common sense...
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

a coffee or a lunch, either at a cafe, or on a walk in the woods. being valued for my time, and the unique perspectives ive come to hold. hopefully a conversation where we both feel comfortable being honest and up front about what were looking for in one another. maybe exchanging some physical affection if we both feel comfortable.
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36, Female / Sugar Baby | South Beloit, Illinois, United States

A nice restaurant and a museum..a great conversation about growth, investment Or business.. I work hard and want to play harder.. I have 4 kids so my time is valuable so don't waste it & I won't waste yours.
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Maybe we can go sky diving and get to know each other as we're free falling(just joking) Anything interactive to break the ice, but dining is fine too! I'm adventurous and I enjoy being outdoors. I'm pretty open to whatever as long as we're in a public setting.
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | Milledgeville, Georgia, United States

Coffee is always a great start . Breakfast or brunch would be ideal in a nice spot with good food and a relaxing atmosphere where we could carry on a conversation and have a lot of laughs possibly a mimosa or two
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30, Male / Sugar Daddy | hit me up let found out together., Laurel, Maryland, United ...

walk and talk around a lake as we enjoy each other's company conversation and vibes together and then play pool or go watch movies then grab drinks,eat,conversate,have fun,make good memories together and then walk around the lake at night and enjoy the view and the stars above and have a moment to enjoy together if your up for it hit me up
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | Gordon, New South Wales, Australia

making me laugh able to teach me a thing or two able to embrace idiosyncrasies and eclectic things Adventure Being nice to my friends surprise me okay sixty words to go nonconformists, no task masters, a thinker, a dreamer...
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37, Female / Sugar Baby | San Bernardino, California, United States

I'm easy going and flexible. From coffee to exploring new places.... I'm open to anything new, relaxing & fun. I may or may not be a little shy at first, just depends on the other person. Once I'm comfortable, I will treat you good, just return the favor. I'm all about respect and privacy. When I go the extra mile.... trust me, it's above & beyond!
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32, Female / Sugar Baby | San Diego, California, United States

meet me at cafe in casual clothes, comfy enough but also appropriate enough to still take me out to walk around a scenic park or beach. then while we're out by the beach or park we can grab something small yet fulfilling to eat; close enough to keep us posted for a while to watch the sunset & just talk about US. & at night if i like you, you may receive a kiss goodnight. but like i stated in my headline- my taste depends on you!
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37, Female / Sugar Baby | Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Grab dinner or a drink🥗🍱🥂🍷🍹..........................................................................................................................................................................
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31, Female / Sugar Baby | New York, New York, United States

I live near one of the most exciting cities in the world! Why not take advantage of it? I'd like to wear whatever you pick out for me. Make sure I'm pampered and ready for our time together! I want you to feel that rush of excitement when we meet. I'd love to come into the city early and get ready in a hotel suite so we can have time to meet one on one and you can approve or change my wardrobe, from shoes to lingerie to the outfit you picked out for our first date. Have a car take us to one of the top restaurants in the city! Or maybe I can accompany you as your date for a business dinner/event. But by the end of it all I want to have had 3 things: good food and drinks, good conversation, and a good feel on you.

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