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    view author's info ( 53, Male / Sugar Daddy | Fort Worth, TX, USA )

    I'm extremely active and busy. Always on the go and eating as healthy as possible. Practicing good hygiene and staying away from bad chemicals. Always remember that the FDA serves only to make good little drones out of everyone and line their own pockets.

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    view author's info ( 45, Female / Sugar Baby | Bullard, TX, USA )

    I workout, eat healthy as my busy work schedule allows, I drink rarely, not a smoker, do not use drugs of any kindI love all foods, & always open to try new sports or workout types..not a runner but will do light cardio

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    view author's info ( 51, Male / Sugar Daddy | Somerville, MA, USA )

    I go to the gym every morning.I roller skate in the city on weekends.Swim at the pool and the beach.I work with my hands and lift heavy equipment.I try to eat healthy and gets lots of sun.I'm never sick.I have a strong immune system and stamina ;)

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    view author's info ( 38, Male / Sugar Daddy | Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA )

    Meh, I don't, dad-bod figure. (hey, real men have curves) lol. That's not to say I'm not active. I can't run a mile, but I can hike a good 5-8 miles. Especially if I'm somewhere beautiful! Pssh, I'll come back looking like I fell into the pool.

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    view author's info ( 48, Male / Sugar Daddy | Northwood, England - London, GBR )

    I enjoy cycling, walking and running. I also do enjoy lots of outdoor activities like trekking in the woods, where I live I have some amazing wood trails and not to mention a man made beach at the end of my road .. lol

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    view author's info ( 51, Male / Sugar Daddy | Foothill Ranch, CA, USA )

    Keep Moving! and get to that gym (ASAP!!); Keep Moving! and get to that gym (ASAP!!);Keep Moving! and get to that gym (ASAP!!);Keep Moving! and get to that gym (ASAP!!);Keep Moving! and get to that gym (ASAP!!);

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    view author's info ( 47, Male / Sugar Daddy | Kitchener, ON, CAN )

    Going for walks every day in this beautiful sunshine, zumba and other aerobic classes(on zoom), just keeping active. I eat very healthy but do still enjoy a good steak now and then. We could create awesomeness together, cooking up a storm and then enjoying with a good glass of red wine...ummmm

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    view author's info ( 66, Male / Sugar Daddy | Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA )

    Regular exercise and good nutrition and having fun at it! As a fitness trainer I have to do this, but I've been doing it all my life and love helping others get more healthy and fit but have fun at the same time. For me beauty is health, and it last a lifetime.

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    view author's info ( 50, Male / Sugar Daddy | Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia )

    I want to b*y a house on the beach and surf as much as possible and when the surfs not up go to the gym, in want to grow veggies and cook and eat healthy, walks on the beach surprise weekends away, I love to surprise my soul mate with trips to lorne, weekends in the city watching concerts etc

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    view author's info ( 59, Male / Sugar Daddy | Perth, Western Australia, Australia )

    My biological age is 11 years younger than actual so this is what I say to this heading. Drink alcohol very moderately and stay off the carbs. Ditch the sugar as much as possible. Forget the takeaway fried junk. Its important to build and maintain muscle and metabolism with weight training and regular walking is great for allover health.

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    view author's info ( 23, Female / Sugar Baby | West Palm Beach, FL, USA )

    I work out 3-4 times a week to keep up with my athletic physic. I eat clean and practice yoga every morning. I don't consume beef, pork or chicken. I am a pescatarian which means I only eat seafood as well as my vegan options.

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    view author's info ( 31, Female / Sugar Baby | London, England - London, GBR )

    I aim to workout at least once a day, it helps clear the mind and keeps your body running smoothly. I eat healthy and wouldnt have it any other way, I love mushrooms and my favourite type of mushroom is Oyster.

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    view author's info ( 19, Female / Sugar Baby | Sydney, New South Wales, Australia )

    I love a good work out every now and again! I am partially to cardio like yoga or body weight exercises and enjoy that post work out adrenaline. However, I'm no gym regular and am naturally the shape that I am without too much work!

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    view author's info ( 47, Male / Sugar Daddy | Manly Vale, New South Wales, Australia )

    Been active all my life, Martial arts at an early age which I trained different style for many years. Now I train at the gym 3 to 4 days a week. I love being in nature exploring with bush walks/hikes. Swimming in the ocean is bliss.

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    view author's info ( 58, Female / Sugar Baby | Columbus, OH, USA )

    I work out every other day to stay in shape. I love to travel and eat good healthy food. Ok so sometimes I will eat a cheeseburger but that's not my normal diet. I like a steak too, but not very often. I love relaxing with a glass of wine.